If the CCP invades, will you fight?

Just a thought. Ask her if she mostly gets her news from pro-China sources such as CtiTV / ChinaTimes group of media.

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When China invades I assume the TWD will become worthless. Hope I’m wrong but I don’t see how it can be avoided.

The only currency that is not worthless is something you can pay your local taxes with. Everything else is just a temporary investment vehicle where you park your money to earn a return and eventually you’re gonna have to convert it back to your local currency to pay your taxes.

That’s my main concern too. Right now 100% of our assets are reliant on the Taiwan dollar or Taiwan economy. Definitely need to fix that

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Open a multi currency account. Or buy some gold. I think there’s some restrictions on carrying the later into/out of Taiwan, but when SHTF, no one in the airport will be checking?