Im cold and this weather sucks 2011/12

ready… get set…


sorry…this cooler weather is great. I’ll be happy if we don’t see temps above 25c before next April.

Agreed. I’ll take cooler weather over hot & sticky humidity any day… You can always put on more clothes, I can only take off so much.

and it’s just stopped raining :discodance:. Can’t ask for more.
Now, where’s me bike?

Buy a snuggie, feel the warmth

Adopt a cat or two, keep warm and save energy!

it’s 23C :unamused:

[quote=“Nuit”]and it’s just stopped raining :discodance:. Can’t ask for more.
Now, where’s me bike?[/quote]

how did you turn the rain off? Send the button to Changhua please!

17 actually and getting lower. Or you mean indoors? Actually, it is not teh cold I mind, it is the rain, my wet shoes, wet dogs -Bobby’s got a cold, poor thing is coughing- and the uncertainty -or certainty- that tomorrow or the day after it’ll be 31 degrees again…

This is great! I wish it’d get even colder, around 10 degrees would be nice.

It feels just like an August San Francisco day!

I can finally wear pants! I was getting tired of shorts…

How can weather “suck”?

I’m seeing guys wearing scarfs in temperatures of 23 0c! Bloody pufters!

It’s cold. Can I have a cuddle? :aiyo: :blush:

I can tell, the sheepskin boots are showing up … must be really cold :loco:

Is it really cold? I’m with those who are really enjoying this, and I’m still running the air conditioning all day when I’m home.

It’ll be a bit cold when it’s about 7-8 degrees and wet (assuming we’re lucky enough to experience such lovely temperatures).

We pulled the winter quilts out of storage and started using them last night. Me no like.

I took out the in-between quilt … I have four stages … no cover, sheet cover, in-between quilt and heavy duty silk duvet for really cold weather …

I just went out for a 3 km dash walk with the dogs and I’m sweating …

Taiwan + winter = oxymoron.

Im planting my veggies right now in December because they grow best through winter.

I understand the people protecting their skin in the summer, i really do. But man, full blown COATS in 30+C is jsut plain unhealthy. I dont know why there are not more heat stroke related deaths…they happen but no where near as much as i would have assumed seeing how people dress their kids in the heat.

The wrapping of our Kid when she’s off to school, because “it’s got colder”. Trying to work on that. Then the teacher is telling us that Kid was sweating so much that her clothes had to be changed. Well, doh! Really? Am not surprised she’s perspiring, running around under 3 layers of clothes in 22 degree temps.

Poofters, I always preferred that double-o. But yeah, the scarf and glove thing never fails to make me laugh, as I ride by in a T-shirt.