I'm cold and this weather sucks 2012

Ok, it’s finally here. Even though they’re (the CWB that is) reporting the same temperature range as 2 months ago, it actually feels colder now. When I was outside the thermometer read 18 degrees. It read the same 2 months ago (at the right time that is) as well but the feeling is anything but the same.

It is not here.
Just you wait.

Really? I like the weather right now. 19 degrees feels rather nice. Could do with less rain, but it doesn’t bother me too much.

Loving the weather. This is just fine with me. Yeah, I don’t care for rainy scooter driving, and the rain kills bicycle trips in the afternoon, but the cooler temps are very appreciated by me.

yeah, I like it too, reminds of summer days in England

I love the colder weather. No sweating, no heat rashes, no sunburns, no high electrical bills. I could do without all the rain, though.

Grey, wet and dismal in a Middle Earth sort of way. A week now and counting. Where did the sun go?
I’ve got this going around:

[quote]UP the airy mountain. down the rushy glen,
We daren’t go a-hunting, for fear of little men;
Wee folk, good folk, trooping all together;
Green jacket, red cap, and white owl’s feather![/quote]

I know I’m a little farther south than most of you, but I still haven’t gotten the long pants out of their plastic storage bin yet. I did have to get the windbreaker out a couple of nights though. Dusted off the hiking boots a couple of weeks ago and been hitting the hills almost every day since. That’s something I just can’t do in the summer heat.

We got two winter-like days here -Thursday and Friday - then Saturday was Okish -no rain, cool- Sunday sunny and warm -awesome. Then the late afternoon gets all dark and gloomy and Monday morning you get soaked wet on your way to work… meaning it’s still autumm, not winter yet. Otherwise, it would be like this every day. Neighbors are saying this will be another “warm” winter.

In the US, the snow let up -it was record breaking in some parts of the East- and a warm front has swept in. Same in China and UK, which were having problems with early, heavy snow -in China, for instance, several tourists died while hiking the Great Wall, froze to death.

Anyways, as said before, test the heaters, take out the winter clothes, keep coats handy. Take advantage that rubber boots are the latest fashion accessory. I took mine hiking on the mountain trails this Saturday and it was a great choice: better grab and water resistance than my hiking shoes. :thumbsup: So they perform well on and off road -mountains and city sidewalks alike. :laughing:

Finally cold enough to wear jeans!! Yeah!

I’m sticking to shorts and sailor pants with this rain. Otherwise, you arrive like soup to the office.

And wash the winter jackets as soon as the weather lets you. I wore a jacket for the first time today, and … oops. It had the “in a Taiwanese closet for six months” musty smell that never seems to happen in Canada.

getting REALLY cold outside now, and the temperature change is too big. One day its close to 30’s and next day its 13.

Anyone live in taizhong? If so, what percentage of the year can you get away with wearing jeans and sweatshirts and stuff? I’m just trying to figure out what clothes to take.

My husband sent me this pic this morning from the place where he is working in Japan. He is so lucky. Snowed under.

He gets free skiing and gets to stay in nice Chalets for free. It’s not fair.

I would say most of the year. A light winter jacket can be had fairly cheaply.

Can live with these temperatures, and even the rain, but only so long as the wind doesn’t get up that much.

I don’t mind the temperature, I don’t mind the rain, it is them both together at the same time what brings me down. :frowning:

I don’t mind the temperature, I don’t mind the rain, it is them both together at the same time what brings me down. :frowning:[/quote]

i dont mind cold nor the rain (ordinary Pacific Northwest weather), but when it’s together with humidity, then it starts to get annoying if not painful.

A decent heater or a fireplace with a nice glow is a good thing.

I have a kerosene heater running right now, and love it.