I'm Looking For A New Bike

I really don’t like scooters. I want to buy a bike, or motorcycle or whatever you call them. My price range is between 30,000NT to 50,000ishNT. I’m not looking for a crotch rocket, just something that doesn’t require a special yellow license plate.

I would like it to be a smooth and fun ride. Does anyone have some suggestions on what I should be looking for? Do you have any pictures I can see? How much is it? and finally where would you recommend I buy it at. All wonderful questions I hope people can answer for me.

And since I have no patience I hope I can get an answer soon. Thanks!

Surely just as long as its pimpin’ that’ll be adequate for your needs?

I don’t think Tash needs hers anymore.

I would stay away from the Husky or the Kymco Xing 150. They’re bulky. I know. I own one.

Well I am a big guy, is bulky all the bad?

Has anyone had experience with the Sym “Wild Wolf or was is Lone Wolf”? How about the Sym Legend?

Yes Sandman, a pimpin bike would be in the plan. Sorry for not mentioning that part earlier.

Anyone selling a motorcycle?

I like driving in the mountains, so bulky is not great when going around narrow curves.

Well I am a big guy, is bulky all the bad?[/quote]Yes, because lugging a big heavy bike around, in addition to a big heavy rider, is more than most of these puny little engines are capable of. The Zings and Huskys are as heavy as most 250cc bikes, but with only 150cc to propel them. Look at those 200cc Hartford things. Some of the guys here have had good experiences with those, and they are comparatively cheap.

I believe that’s what Truant and ratlung have/had. They are nice and support two people and gear well.

Where can I buy one of these Hartford bikes at?

Update: I found their website. http://www.hartford-motors.com.tw/

I called one of the stores on the phone and oddly enough he advised against buying one, since he said it’s hard to get parts for it in Taiwan. Told me to buy a SYM instead.

Ratlung and Truant had some 150cc Hartfords as far as I can remember.

I know a Hartford shop in Pingjhen (don’t fix me on the Pinying for that) and last time I saw one in Taipei but not really sure where exactly anymore, some where close or even on to Dunhua Road.

There’s a shop that sells Hartfords on Zhongxiao East Road right next to Hoshanpi station. Close to the exit futhest from Blockbusters.

SYM “wild wolf” and Legend are the same thing.
125 $51000/125R $58000/150R $63000

It will probably be too small for you.

Kymco has the KTR 125/150 $55800 but its very skinny looking.

There are the 150 wannabe cruisers:


Yamaha’s Breeze, if you want a more sporty-looking bike.

Hartford’s HD200S $73000/150s $61000/150T $52000

Hartford’s VR200 $93000/150 $71000

Yamaha SR150 $48000

Prices are from yahoo shopping, so probably higher than if the price you can get if you go ask in a shop.

The first two and the hartford may look kind of small.
The VR200 or SR150 would be good, or one of the cruisers. Though I’m not sure the cruisers are that great to drive around in Taipei traffic.

Part and maintence-wise the SYM Legend will be the easiest. KTR shouldn’t be so hard either as it’s a fairly new bike. Parts are easy to get for the SR150 in Taipei anyway. Other ones I don’t know, esp. the cruisery ones, as some aren’t made anymore(husky/dragfire).

If you’re just going to use it for commuting, it’s not really worth the effort and $$ of getting a motorcycle. Though scooters are “gay looking”, they’re much easier for…everything.

If you’re really set on getting a motorcycle, why don’t you borrow/rent one first for a bit. Bikefarm rents out RZXs for 2600 a month.

Thank you lupillus for that super awesome info.

How about a Zing Gen2?? Better known as the Hipster… had one for a while… good little bike and didn’t feel bulky at all.

here’s a comparison of 2 hartfords
the red one being a VR200, the black one HD150 - the one ratlung was riding. in fact, this IS (was) his.
the VR is a decent commuter, accommodates taller guys perfectly and can also carry quite some luggage around. and it’s huge fun in the mountains, although the power from that little engine is not nearly enough. if you had a bigger bike before you will not like it. but this goes for all the bikes mentioned here…

PS: don’t go to the dealership in chungxiao e rd sec 5, they suck big time and nearly totalled my bike there when it was in for minor repair. buy it there but let someone else do the checkups. pm me for addresses if needed.


you can also have a look here: forumosa.com/taiwan/viewtopic.php?t=61840

I have a Dragfire exactly like the one in the pic above. I like it. It’s kind of long though, so parking can be a problem. Put some higher bars on and its fine for bigger people.

My friend has one of those Kymco Stryker dirt bikes. He’s much taller than you and probably 1/3 again heavier than you and he loves it. He commutes daily on it to Taipei and lives near the top of a steep mountain near Wulai, plus he’s been around the island at least three times on it, without problams. Also around NT$60K new I think.

I have never had a motorcycle before, only a 14 year old scooter. I am close to buying the HD200s Hartford. l think it will be fine for my size, plus it looks comfy. I plan on using it to go to work, and weekend trips to the mountains(no offroading). The VR looks cool, but 90K+ is too rich for my blood.

I probably have to mod some of the parts (seat, brake line, add a box to the back) but I hope it will fit me. Right now I am on the line and looking for something that pushes me over to buy it. Any other words of wisdom Stefan?

If I do buy it, I’ll have to teach myself how to use a clutch, lol.

I would either buy a scooter for inner city operations such as transporting food/animals/mattresses/fish tanks/kayaks, etc.
or I would get a REAL motorcycle (250cc or more) for island-wide cruising.

I would never buy one of those 125/150 lightweights.

I have a scooter. And the bike I’m looking at is 200cc.

well, i recently checked yahoo and saw some VR, but they were all 150 or 125 - still good bikes and cheaper but also more limited. you have to look very close and how they were ridden/abused. and you most likely have to modify a few things here and there (seat, rear shock, brake lines… to name but a few). that will cost you around 10K - additionally to the buying price.
but honestly, all the bikes i saw on yahoo did not look like they were in good shape. you definitely want to go with a buddy who knows what to look for and negotiate the price.

happy shopping