Indigenous Women and Dating

I have a friend that married an aboriginal girl. And him and her both say I should date aboriginal girl. I have other friends and similar situations that say the same thing.

I’ve dated two but not because someone told me to. Both seemed loving, caring, attentive, personal, in touch, less cold that maybe other Taiwan girls. I could go on.

So I understand this is some type of local folklore maybe true or maybe not true.

Any thoughts or experiences?

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Meh. Bitches is the same. :nail_care:


Sounds like @tango42 has the fever. Hopefully cooler heads will prevail.


My thought would be, know yourself. Specifically, know whether you can be happy with a traditional, housewifey wife or whether you would be unhappy and would prefer a more complicated woman in your home.

It’s all good, as long as you know what works for you.


I’ve often thought about marrying one. Aboriginal genes are pretty strong. I’ve met many that were just genetic freaks and so strong.



Sweaty from doing all that housework, @IbisWtf? :grin:

My mate married one and she was a baby machine. After four in quick succession he had a vasectomy and still managed to get her pregnant again. 4 sons and a daughter - busy man.

Even after 5 pregnancies she’s kept a stunning figure.


My wife is Indigenous, she is independent and we are together because our personality’s fit.
I can’t think of many stereotypes she falls into about being Asian/Taiwanese/Indigenous.

As @Hanna put it “Bitches is the same” the same as in every one of them is different.
you will probably find it’s your personality that is drawn to a particular type of person, maybe some freudian sh*t I don’t know.

What I do know is the family and community prefer the term Indigenous.
Aboriginal is generally seen as inappropriate and old fashioned, and has some negative connotations. (She particularlly doesn’t like it, but I think that is from her time in Australia and New Zealand)

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What a crock. People are people. Some are cold, some are warm. Has little to do with their ethnicity.


How is that biologically possible?

Unleeeessssss:thinking: does that fifth baby resemble him or one of his mates?


The daughter’s definitely his. Looks just like him.

I think they just went at it too quickly after the snip. You’re supposed to wait a while.

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Really? I didn’t think aboriginal had any negative connotations. I’ve certainly never thought that way.

Maybe he didn’t do his 50 times to clear the tubes :rofl:


Satellite TV married one and he turned out ok.



Some of them are really good looking too. Great singers. Enjoy life. What’s not to Iike.

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““Aboriginal” is most commonly used to refer to the indigenous peoples of Australia, usually as an adjective (as in “Aboriginal people”). The term “Aborigine” is now considered pejorative.”

Just a bit of context for you, there is more on the Tinter-web.

But mostly its because us Brits colonised Australia and wasn’t very nice to the locals, from then it was as a derogatory term as well as its official meaning (can think of a few more words that this has happened to), so now it leaves a bad taste in the mouth.

I think I’ll pledge the 5th on this

If you need any good housekeeping tips, just hit me up. :wink:

Wait, is this my #metoo moment?

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