Indigenous Women and Dating

Yes. There’s no shame in talking about how your wife keeps you barefoot and pregnant. :grin:

Why marry? The most recent aboriginal girl I dated is feminine and extremely athletic hard body.

She describes herself in Chinese as 原住民 and in English as aboriginal.

Her words, not mine.

It’s not just ethnicity. It’s culture and maybe other influences in their life, like religion which in Taiwan seems to be heavily Christian influenced. That particular group. Not just ethnicity, that’s too narrow.

Plenty of aboriginals are Christian. Plenty of Han-Chinese ethnic Taiwanese aren’t… most are Taoist, Buddhist, non-practicing, and then pulling up the rear is Christian.

My wife is an Aboriginal from the Amis tribe. The one benefit that I’ve seen is that I never had to put up with the BS of getting approval from the parents to get married, or worrying they wouldn’t like a foreigner. The other thing is perhaps because they are Christian, but the cultural gap just doesn’t seem as wide with her family than with other Taiwanese (Han, 外省人).

Just be prepared for every single Taiwanese person you meet to ask you how much she drinks and if she can sing.


Really most I know are fine with Shan Di Ren

yeah and many are up for a drink or two…


Before; not now. Older people have no problem with the term, younger ones don’t like it.
I’ve been married to one for 27 years; every now and then I’m reminded she comes from a long line of headhunters. But she’s Amis, traditionally matrilineal with strong women’s rights-others may be different.


My father told me their alcoholism was due to difficulties adjusting to life in the city after moving in from the mountains.

Is this sarcasm? In my experience, they do not like this term. The reason being that they weren’t all mountain people until the Han forced then to move. There is an entire tribe 平埔族 (People of the Plains) which has all but disappeared due to forced migration from the Han.


Sometimes those people didn’t disappear ot move they just changed their names and forgot their culture. Of course intermarriage too.
Houlong in Miaoli has lots of people who didn’t even know they were aboriginal supposedly. Also there wasn’t just one tribe of the plains just in case people misunderstood that.

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Yes good point. It was a blanket term to describe people of the region, and assimilation forced or otherwise was definitely part of it.

Seems similar to how mainlanders use 山地人 to describe all of the aboriginal tribes of Taiwan.

Also interestingly in that article the Taokas aboriginal guy actually refers to himself as indigenous.

Meet aboriginal girl, keep aboriginal girl.

Everybody loses too much to think Taiwan is Chinese but it’s really not.

I’m 9% aboriginal.

Is that the oyster part? Or the omelet part?


He left one in the chamber

And he’s helping the taiwan low birth rate

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All Taiwanese are in some part related to the original inhabitants

The Taiwanese that were not imported

Oyster part. Aboriginals pan for oysters…Or something like that.