Indonesian caregiver abuses old man

I wonder what happened for her to be like this, or maybe she’s just a nasty person.

Although it’s cheaper, I just don’t trust people from the 3rd world to do anything important. They tend to not value the dignity of human beings as much amongst other things.

24/7 shifts for months on end without respite. It is called caregiver fatigue. No one will slap an elderly person unless they are at the end of their tether. It is not lost patience or cruelty. It is despertaion.

Thaink about it next time you lose patience with your kids. Now imagine teh burden of care all day long of a life, no help from, anyone, no consideration or been seen even, sneered at and looked down. Cleaning teh house, doing th laundry too. She looks young, neot someone who has donw this for years. But dealing with a patient with dementia or Alzeherimers or anything else is not an easy task for a cheap inexpensive and inexperienced labor. yet people ehre dump their elderly and most do not realize there is a peson behind the helper. They need help too.

To say oh they are thieves, their countrie sare in a mess they deserve this, they are cruel and stupid and all thsoe thinsg people say is simplistic. There are very qualifie dpeople. the family just save sthe trouble and dumps. the video makes it seem like they care. But they will turn around and just hire another cheap labor. A trained nurse would be too expensive.


Video cam hidden in a teddy bear? How did they get the footage ‘secretly’?

They probably mistook it for full body massage?

Anyways, it shouldn’t be like this but on the hind sight they probably abuse her mentally and as said 24/7.

Idk why they bother pressing charges, she probably has no money to compensate to them anyways.

But yeah, you can’t give someone shit wages and awful work conditions and expect them to do well at the job.

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What are all those photographs of elderly people I see outside police stations in Taiwan?

this is racist discriminatory…

Edited because racist seems not to be a right word to describe the above statement.

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Ridiculously so, in so many ways…:no_no:

Which race am I being racist towards?

It’s the reality, if I don’t know a person personally, I’d rather not trust people from 3rd world countries to do things like take care of my elderly family. Why is it a shock that many of them have no concept of human rights where they’re from.

Don’t be obtuse

Race of people from the “3rd” world.

I know what you mean by your use of Third World, but technically you’re wrong. The Third World is a term for countries not involved in the cold war. So, Sweden is Third World. And who wouldn’t want a Swedish au pair?

I know but the term is pretty much used synonymously with countries that hasn’t developed.

People from any countries, including the “1st” world and Taiwan, would do the same thing with a similar rate if working under the same condition.

Again, I understand your general point. But, every country has developed to a point. You’d need to set a benchmark as to where you think Indonesia, in this case, isn’t developed enough. For example, I’m from the UK and I think the UK is more developed than Taiwan and South Korea. Of course that doesn’t make those countries Third World.

This is why the term was dropped in favour of touchy-feely PC terms such as developing countries, or trying their best countries.

I’d say it’s a slightly different scenario in that:

a) Carers have the nous to actually leave. They’ve self-selected out of the general rabble who are content to sit around drinking, complaining, and making trouble.
b) They have a strong incentive not to misbehave. Whatever the faults of their own culture, if they don’t get it together pretty quickly then they’re shipped off back where they came from.

In general carers are treated like shit here. No time off (literally), crap pay, and often made to do stuff they’re not paid to do. The old people they look after are usually a complete pain in the ass - if they weren’t, the Taiwanese obligation to look after aged parents would kick in. I know one carer who has to look after an old woman who’s mad as a bucket of weasels: violent, screaming all the time, utterly off her trolley and long overdue for her appointment with the skinny guy in the black cloak.

Not saying that was the case here,or making excuses for her. Just saying it’s not an easy life, and I suspect some of them can’t cope and go off into the weeds.

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I didn’t say that it’s great for them, I’ve said you can’t give someone shit wages and conditions and expect them to do the job well. I’m just saying I would personally avoid people from not very developed countries that really have no concept of human rights and dignity for jobs like taking care of an elderly family unless I personally know them.

It’s a big risk whereever they’re from. Personally I wouldn’t hire a British person, because they’re mostly lazy, entitled, and don’t have much mental resilience. There have been quite a few high-profile cases in the UK where old people are getting assaulted in similar ways.

You are assuming she was treated poorly. How do you know?

Sorry I don’t buy if I randomly select from the population of people from developed countries and developing countries @BiggusDickus has suggested, that they would have equal outcomes.

Under same conditions? Yes. There is a reason Taiwanese do not perform this kind of jobs. It is too exhausting.

Same reason they do not work in constructtion. Every time a beam falls or someone slips from teh roof at Taoyuan airport, it is a SEA worker. Or Aboriginal. Do wonder why.