Information on Taiwan air crash (1970)

I am requesting assistance with anyone who might have knowledge of plane crash on Friday October 2, 1970 on a mountainside approximately 13 miles southwest of Taipei. We are planning to visit Taiwan in a couple of months and would very much like to visit the spot. One of the passengers was the brother of my wife and seeing the place where he perished would be much appreciated. I am hoping that someone will recall the incident and be able to provide details. The plane was a large transport plane of US airforce.


Maybe send a private message to the VFW Taipei post on Facebook. They might even have more information.

that is the correct incident but other than the mention on incorrect mountains (Cha-Tian Mountain), exact location is not mentioned. Hoping to find a local who may actually remember the crash. Thanks for your help.

Why do you think the mountain mentioned is incorrect? This looks like the general area

It took them 8 days to find the wreck so it’s probably in the middle of nowhere. Not really seeing how a 700 ft hill even would register there.

Hope your wife (and you by extension) find the closure you’re seeking. I can’t imagine losing a loved one in a plane crash.


What’s bugging me is, when you look at the topography, the land doesn’t go under a thousand feet anywhere near that mountain.

I’d start by contacting the US air force archives, the Taiwanese civil aeronautic administration and the tourism office of the Dongyanshan National Forest Recreation Area, where the mountain is. Maybe any of the former two has a record of the location, maybe the latter can ask local old-timers.

This refers just to the general area which is big. There are a couple of peaks of near 2000 meters and the land stretches from New Taipei City to Taoyuan to Hsinchu. The Hsinchu Forest Bureau is in charge of the trails I think. The reference to 700 meters means it would be just one of many hillocks in the area. Unless it has a geo-tag referenced somewhere it would be very hard to find.


1970 Oct 3

1970 Oct 4

1970 Oct 10


Good work. It says Chatian Shan North-east, right on the border of Taipei County and Taoyuan County. It also says its very inaccessible terrain. You’d want an indigenous guide or three which is what they used to get there in 1970.


Wow well done. Guess the article dates from the 70s. Might have become more accessible since then?

1970 Oct 11

this one includes some names who found the plane.


@tando Out of curiosity, where did you find those?



Newspaper archives?


Here’s a map of the trails. Our area of interest is on the extreme right.



The third paragraph there seems to say the plane hit the peak of Cha Tien Mountain, 1907 meters high. That kind of makes more sense as something the plane might hit in foggy conditions.

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So maybe clipped the peak but then the wreckage itself ended up south-east of that peak I’m guessing.

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It says the wreckage came to rest 25 meters down though. Also, it says the nose of the plane crashed directly. I’d guess the “700 foot” hill reference is just wrong.

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