Instant Pot (multi-use cooker)

Yea, the shipper I use lets you prepay at 2rmb per kg. It would only hurt more if the item is heavy and not that expensive. But 2rmb per kg is peanuts.

Spices are more around than they used to be. Most of the spices I want are mixes, like “Old Bay” is my summer go to. Doesn’t hurt to have Better than Bullion, Beef. Whatever your cooking with at home, almost everything is here, but you don’t know what you’re missing until you want it.

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Oh, good call. I don’t think there’s anything for quick beef stock here. Or veggie, for that matter, but that’s cheaper and easier to make.

Better than Bouillon used to sold through iHerb, but sadly, no longer.

I bought these in one of the Filipino stores on Zhongshan Bei Lu a couple of weeks back (the one next to EEC Global). First time I’ve seen beef stock here.


These are great for making brown gravy, just know they don’t taste anything like what you have back home as they have other spices added to it.

A shop in Xinjhuan sells beef stock, Zhongzheng rd, close to where zhongzheng rd and xinshu rd branches off. There is a CPC gas station next door…

They have beef stock but it is not browned. But they are still good for making beef based gravy.

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I think I used to buy the same things in the U.K. and Germany, so they’re presumably similar to those. I tend to use the chicken stock from Costco most of the time I use stock anyway (which isn’t often) - just thought they’d be useful to have on hand.

Oh excellent! Thank you! Usually I stock up (ha) annually in Canada, but, well, plague.

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Sometimes. Sometimes not. Sometimes you have to pay duty on $2700, sometimes you don’t even when I imported a NTD$15k REI tent. If you ship with DHL you’ll 100% have to pay. USPS, probably won’t have to. Just my experience.

yea USPS goes through different channel, and it doesn’t even show up with EZ Way. If you order anything try to use post office if you can, unless it’s something really expensive and you are afraid of losing it (as postal service makes it hard to get compensation for lost packages).