Instant Pot or another cooker?

I need to get Instant Pot or something similar. Need to use the cooker function (e.g. to cook rice or lentils) and also use Saute function.

Should I buy Instant Pot or some local (or Japanese) brand?

If Instant Pot, what would be a good place to buy it at a reasonable price?


Do you mean the pressure cooker function? That’s the main benefit of an Instant Pot, I believe. But pressure cooking isn’t going to make much of a difference for rice, or for most other lentils I guess.

I bought my Instant Pot in Canada a couple of years ago and brought it back here. I’ve never seen that brand here, but I think Costco often sells multi-cookers.

EDIT: See (and perhaps merge with?) this thread:

Yes, I meant the pressure cooker function. I see some websites selling Instant Pot in Taiwan - but looks like they actually ship from the US.

I think @bojack posted about buying this, or perhaps the model as of a couple of years ago, from Costco:


Thanks. Looks like I should definitely do a run at costco. Will need to find someone here with costco card though.

The Tatung multi cooker is pretty good, can cook like anything in that bad boy and it’s cheap too.

I have a Tatung back in the US. I use it as a rice cooker. They also have a multi-cooker? Can do pressure cooking and saute?