Institutionalized racism in the US and elsewhere

Thats quite a statement, I think US was more concerned by the spread Communism in the Western Hemisphere and Russian influence and Russians are some of the Whitest people I know. Also there are lots of Latin Americans that are white or more European/Spanish. They tend to be the ones that get voted into office and have shows on Telemundo, my point being there is racism in every country and white color is preferred even in Latin countries so some self reflection is needed there. The US however has allowed minorities to run at all levels of office Federal, State, Local, Polcie and run the biggest companies Microsoft, Google, Pepsi, Intel, Adobe etc, hard to say that about any other nation<<<


Because a few model minorities have been able to achieve what they personally have does not mean that it erases or reduces racism. And the US can multitask. I believe the loss of the Vietnam War was certainly a wake up call the US’s priorities. While I don’t dispute your claim about fighting Communism, I just suggest that the US’s focus was strongly developing elsewhere.

Also there are lots of Latin Americans that are white or more European/Spanish. They tend to be the ones that get voted into office and have shows on Telemundo, my point being there is racism in every country and white color is preferred even in Latin countries so some self reflection is needed there.

Don’t conflate colorism with success. It’s the step child of racism.

This one is quite a statement, need to understand your reasoning and POV more to dig into this. Its hard for me to see the racism angle. The US is one of the least racist countries I know of once you start comparing against every other country in the world.

It’s all relative.

I say this as a 1st Generation Immigrant to the US . Racism exists in all countries it just doesn’t come up in the news 24/7 for the world to see in most countries like it is in US. US is always open for discussion on the racism topic but elsewhere its not, doesn’t mean it doesnt exist in droves, their societies just don’t make it transparent, it just hasn’t evolved socially to that level yet where open discussions on racism is widely accepted in their own countries, but theyre comfortable discussing how other countries are racist.
I would benchmark how Racist or accepting a country is by how many positions of Real Power and Influence in Politics, Business, and Media that country accepts Minorities, Immigrants and people of color to hold. Also how their laws deal with Immigration and Illegal Immigration vs other countries. Need always to compare to other countries and not in a vacuum or against an ideal. For example what are US Laws in Immigration vs Canada? Vs Mexico? Vs EU? El Salvador? Honduras? Australia? China? Taiwan? India? Singapore? Japan? Korea? Brazil? Russia, The Middle East?

As a 1st generation immigrant it should be very apparent how the system works in the US especially toward immigrants. Hell, it’s been a driving factor in the last three years.

I get your point but it’s leaning more towards immigration policies rather than idea of the impact of race within the drug industry, even international markets.

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Id be happy to discuss Immigration Law in the US vs other countries so you can see just how unracist the US actually is at least legally on the books. Like I said racism exists in All countries esp in Asia and Latin America and the Middle East, lets not leave out Europe too the big time Colonials remember these empires didn’t end until After WW2


Again colorism. And Brazil is notorious for this and has serious racism of their own. Some would say right on par to the US’s

I never heard of Colorism what does it mean? Same as racism? So in Latin America theres Colorism? How about US?

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That’s in another thread. And you do realize we are in the year 2019 the year of our Lord, right.


What do you mean? The US did vote a Black President Twice. Did Mexico vote a Black President once? Or a Native Indian President? Can we agree Racism exists in all countries and its very bad outside the US? And while the US needs to work on Racism so does every country? Or has Racism merely become a US problem and the rest of the world is fine?


Google “What is colorism?” :grinning:

Happy reading.

BTW have you looked up Immigration Law in Mexico and compared it to US immigration Law? Then look up Canandas, guess which one is the toughest on Legal + Illegal immigration and then the 2nd toughest in the group. Guess how Taiwan/China/Korea/Japan/ Immigration laws compares to US, Mex and Canada also. I wonder why when people complain about US Immigration/Illegal Immigration they never know how it compares to other countries. It would be a big eye opener. My wife actually works in the immigration field. This includes any laws enacted in the last 4 years too…

Im all for Immigration to US being an immigrant myself. Discussions about Immigration need to start by discussing specific issues and laws and how to address them. US does need immigrants, but lets talk specifics and lets talk comparisons to other countries to gain a more level headed perspective. And YES there are poor people that need to come to US for better opportunities. You ought to see how harsh Canada is on poorer Immigrants for Immigration.

There are legal immigration law reasons why Canada is full of mostly Rich Chinese as one of the #1 Immigrant ethnicities


What does that even mean? I see successful Latinos too, some are whiter than me and some darker than me no one cares?.. I see poor Asians too and poor whites…all are accepted equally and are judged by their merit and personal achievements. Their education, their ingenuity, their hard work their character and their integrity. If people earned a success its due to their own work and effort in the US. You dont need so much Guangxi like other countries.

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Do White Americans (Euro Blood) have an Advantage in US over Colored Immigrants? Yes
Do White Mexicans (Spanish Blood) have an Advantage in Mexico over Colored Immigrants? Yes. Do White Mexicans (Spanish Blood) have an advantage over Native Mexicans that are darker? Yes
Do Taiwanese have an Advantage in Taiwan over White Immigrants? Yes
Do Mainland Chinese have an Advantage in China over White Immigrants? Yes
Do Whiter Han Chinese in China have an Advantage over Tribal Minorities in China? Yes.
Do Indians have an Advantage in India over Immigrants? Yes
Do lighter skinned Indians have an Advantage over darker skinned untouchables in India? Yes
Do Saudis have an Advantage in Saudi Arabia over Immigrants? Yes
Do Koreans have an Advantage in Korea over Immigrants? Yes
Do Hondurans have an Advantage in Honduras over Immigrants? Yes.
Do Argentinians have an Advantage in Argentina over Immigrants? Yes.
Do White Argentinans(German/Italian) have an Advantage over dark native/mixed Argentines in Argentina? Yes
Do French have an Advantage in France over Immigrants? Yes
Do Spanish have an Advantage in Spain over Immigrants? Yes
Do Japanese have an Advantage in Japan over Immigrants? Yes

Now you see how the system is rigged in every country against Immigrants and within almost every country there is racism against darker skin this is just as True in Latin America, Asia, Europe, Africa and the Middle East as it is in the US maybe more so.

Also this may surprise you with the Model Minority BS.
Ive long known that Immigrants from Africa to US are among the must successful minority groups in the US beating out every East Asian Group only to lag behind Indians from India. All 3 groups on average are more successful than White Americans in both Education and Income/Net worth in the US. So no its not really about Color of Skin, that advantage though it exists is EASILY overcome in US.

  1. Indians from India immigrants to US
  2. African 1st Gen Immigrants to US
  3. East/SE Asian Immigrants to US
  4. White Americans

African Immigrants to the US are the MOST SUCCESSFUL Immigrant Group (Along with Indians from India both pretty dark skinned which doesnt fit your Theory). Too much weight is put on Color of Skin but in actuality in the US its incredibly marginal, education, hard work, ingenuity and integrity are more important to Success, and whether or not a person has a Victim mentality or a Success Mentality.

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US is the most egalitarian country in the world imo. Is there racism, yes, but it’s far less than any country after living in a few. I always find Europeans saying how the US is racist ridiculous, they should look at their own country. I’ve experienced more discrimination in Europe than all my years in the US.



You’ve conflated immigration with racism/white supremacy. Effectively created an entire thread here.

I’m sure there’s an immigration thread on Forumosa so your thoughts shod be moved there. :v:t5::grinning:

Why bother trying to have your own Guangxi? It would just be a cheap knockoff of China’s anyway. :drum:

Are we talking actual discrimination here, or is this another one of your Malaysia makes visas hard to get because it’s a Muslim country type of things?


Nice job to dig into conversation over a year ago and misconstruing my point. Makes you feel good huh? You come off as such an ass when you consistently do this.

Oh right, I forgot. It’s strictly verboten to say why I don’t trust your insight on this kind of topic. :no_no:

Okay, please tell us all about your experiences of discrimination in Europe. (Neutral face: :neutral_face:)


Thats great. Then don’t engage for your sake.

If you don’t make transparently ridiculous claims of victimhood, I won’t be able to call you out on it.

Now please, those racist Europeans…