Intermittent Fasting?

Has anyone given this a try with success? I’ve been struggling with eating in a way that helps me function since my stay at the hospital a while back. I’ve had to cut my carb intake by a lot and it’s been hard maintain the weight I want. A 16 hour fast seems perfectly doable though.

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I want to try it. I’ve done it in the past, but have so little discipline these days. But I’ll give it another shot, I think.

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Stop eating at 6pm, then skip breakfast. Black coffee is fine. 16 hours is easy.


Yes, I did intermittent fasting all my life since kid without knowing. When I was kid breakfast make me feel really bad(probably was lactosa though), so ate nothing till lunch around 1 pm. Righ now if I can choose I like to have my first meal at 11am

I have found that with some taiwanese food offerings, voluntary fasting is quite easy :wink:.


That’s what I think. A coffee in the morning to curb the hunger. But I’ll probably stop eating around 8. Living in Italy, people here eat dinner at 8-9. Most restaurants don’t open until 730-8.

I think this diet is not to hard to be disciplined with compared to most out there that have a lot of diet restrictions, which is why I want to try it. I’ve looked at keto and carnivore diets but they require a lot of preparation and thinking a head on what to eat.

I feel great when I do it. Took a little bit of adjustment and time to build up. There’s no rush it’s better to just go with your own body timing and adjust slowly.

I don’t really pre-plan and make a hardcore decision for the following day. I just leave it open as an option and if I feel like it that day when I wake up then just go for it. I did it at least 2 days in the last week and those are my best days.

I don’t know how to describe it but I’ll just say it sharpens my mind on those days and puts a jump in my step. Energy level goes way up and I’m just looking for things to occupy my mental and physical energy.

And this other indirect added benefit where feel like I’m accomplishing something today and I can do this and then click other things off my to-do list. Check. This may be an indirect benefit that I appreciate as much or more.

Helps me with procrastination by doing one item and then I am motivated to get other things done.

Eat last meal between 8 p.m. and 10 p.m. and then no food the next day until 2 to 4p.m. or later. I like coffee and water.

Really everybody should do routine that makes it the easiest for them to do.


Besides changes in energy, hows your weight on it? Around how many calories do you get in the window of eating usually?

I’m guesstimating with carb app 1000 to 1500 calories on IF days but I don’t mind going higher with some semi-junk like an ice cream or drinks because accomplished a goal. But only during non-keto periods where that would not be an option.

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1000-1500 seems low. But I don’t know your body measurements so maybe that’s right for you.

I know my body burns around 2400 calories a day if I don’t move at all and lay in bed all day. Days I work out, I aim for 3000 usually to prevent muscle loss.

I’m at 180cm and just under 80kg thanks to keto. Never been able to bulk up so maintain calorie intake for me is around 1800-2000.

Intermittent fasting is good for everybody but you may have to manage well to prevent muscle loss. Don’t even push it just go for one day when next you feel like it.

There are IF dweebs out there weak and unhealthy to avoid but others kick ass and still do IF.

When I stopped doing IF, which I was on for about 2 years at the time, my weight reached the peak where I am now, about 10 kg more. I didn’t lose weight when I was doing IF, but I always thought it kept my situation from worsening. I guess I may have been on to something.

I haven’t tried hard to get back into it, but I will. Starting up that first time was a cinch, but in my more recent attempts, it has been more challenging.

I have a low tolerance for caffeine because I have never been a serious coffee or tea drinker. But after a year doing IF, I was so bored of water, I was happy to learn that black coffee was a safe alternative.


I also don’t like caffeine because i’m so sensitive to it as a non coffee drinker. Main side effect was I couldn’t eat for a while and it kills my appetite. But I guess that’s a benefit when doing IF.

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I’ve done it for three or so years. It’s not precisely complicated - stop shoving food in your pie hole late at night and, if you’re starving when you wake, figure out what’s wrong.


Intermittent Fasting or IF is just your latest buzz word in the hugely lucrative diet industry.

Many people already do it. It’s not uncommon to meet people who have an early dinner and skip breakfast. Some not many will even skip lunch. They’re usually smokers the ones I’ve met.

In any case it works. It works big time for weight control. IF and high fat, low carb is the magic bullet. Not a single book needs be written again on weight loss but we can’t bring that industry to a crashing halt now can we


Yeah the one difference is that people are
not making money by selling you this to eat or this to drink while you’re trying to manage your way to improve your health. Mostly free YouTube videos.

Science is on the side of intermittent fasting.

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Now this is a fast I could do. 40 days on and 40 days off, intermittently.


I am doing intermittent fasting now, sometimes I get along the flow and even do “One Meal A day” if it suits the day social calendar.

its not difficult, its mostly habit. Once after 3 weeks, you are probably used to it.

The most difficult part? It is when you have to socialise like business meeting or a get-together, in those case I will just forget abt my Intermittent Fasting. I learnt over the years that explaining is too much trouble, and not eating together seems rude. so I just skipped it for the day and enjoy eating with friends/relative etc

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How do you stop yourself feeling hungry?