Intermittent Fasting?

before I came here Taipei, 7 weeks ago I was easily 10 kilos overweight after a injury in UK that stopped me working my physical outside job for 5 months.
I find less of a appetite in hot climate, however I’m skipping lunch? most days and doing the 5/2 diet 5 days eat whatever within reason 2 days fasting 600 calories or less!! Coffee is my saviour :coffee: without I could’nt do it.
Cycling Minimum of 15 Kilometres a day.
Now lost 5 Kilos in 6 weeks. Not expecting to lose further 5 so quickly.

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It has little to do with discipline. Eating behaviour is almost entirely instinctive - you have almost no control over it. That’s why calorie-counted diets (AKA “eat less and move more”) almost always fail. You cannot fight your appetite.

If you dump all or most of your carbs and keep it up for a several weeks, your body gets much better at recyling stored bodyfat. Your appetite then drives you to eat fewer meals, or at least permits you to do so without any sense of hunger. I generally eat two meals a day, although the second one (post-workout) is very large.

I just stopped eating once to see how long it would take before I felt really, properly hungry. Answer: 3 days.

Point is, though, forcing yourself into a 16-hour fasting window is likely to be quite unpleasant unless you are fat-adapted.


It’s surprising the amount of vitriol that’s still spilled over the subject of low-carb and IF. They’re both still described as “fad diets”, even though they work effortlessly, have solid scientific underpinnings, and appear to be very healthy in general terms. Mainstream “experts” and government advisors hate them with a passion.

I guess the dieticians can see the writing on the wall. It must be tough to realise that you’re not going to be able to sell snake oil and bullshit for much longer.

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Really shouldn’t be eating below 1200 otherwise your metabolism will tank.

Practice. And not forcing it. There is always another day.

3 tests you should do prior to starting intermittent fasting. 1. Abdominal ultrasound to determine the severity of fatty liver . 2. Hemoglobin A1C 3. Fasted insulin serum level. Start eating 2 consecutive meals a day within 6 to 8 hours and fast for 16 to 18 hours with nothing other than water, tea, and black coffee. Go on youtube and search for “Dr Jason Fung” and “Dr Eric Berg”. They have many great instructional videos on intermittent fasting


You can easily train yourself to become less sensitive. Try having an espresso every two hours. After a couple of weeks the sensitivity is gone. Italy has some excellent coffee.

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i do something distracting like playing games or chatting or working :smiley:

If you’re getting hungry every few hours, something is off. Perhaps it’s not really hunger but simply fluctuating blood sugar levels or habit.

I do intermittent fasting, 6 hours, 6 hours and 10 hours. On daily basis.
7 am to noon, 1 pm to 7 pm and 8 pm to 6 am.


I’ve always been like this. I can eat a lot throughout the day.

You’re young, I believe. I’m unconvinced of the value of fasting for younger guys and for women under the age of 40 or so. However, it’s likely that you’ve never felt real hunger. You should do a 24-hour fast for reference (as long as your health problems you were having are sorted out).

When I fast I do so for about 30 hours. I pick a day when I need not do anything too physical. I do not eat after 8pm and on through the next day.

I only drink water and a little juice. I suck on some Ricola cough drops (just for the sugar).

I also cleanse my colon using psyllium powder mixed in water. After dinner before going to bed one dose and the next day about 3 times.

Actually not as tough as some people think. I try to limit the sugar intake to just when I feel getting a little low energy. I just want my stomach to work as little as possible.

My opinion is to not use caffeine as this just stresses your adrenal glands…I feel the adrenals kick in enough without caffeine.



Perhaps this may help you, Andrew:

I intermittently fasted yesterday for 45 minutes. Mainly because my tap had some issues so we couldn’t pour the next round. And my wife forgot to buy chips.

I didn’t feel any better than before the fast. The mates were getting quite irritated.


Some slight misunderstanding here, I think. “Fasting” does not mean eating fast food.


I’m actually a fan of fasting so far. Day 1-3 is a bit hard before lunch at 1-2pm. But I barely feel hungry anymore. I can probably do 1 meal a day but it seems like too much effort to eat the amount of food in one meal to sustain my body. It’s a big improvement from feeling hungry and eating every 2-3 hours.

Also I don’t feel sleepy after lunch and eating. Which is a huge plus.

I think I see a bit of weight loss so far. A bit but it’s only been 5 days.

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I downloaded a App called Zero to keep track of my fasting schedule.

Not too much body composition change, I think a slight amount of fat loss, but that’s from not making any diet changes and just fasting 16 hours a day. Same amount of calories and everything. Actually kind of nice as I get to eat slightly bigger meals to hit caloric targets.

But the biggest change is a increase of energy so far. I used to feel sluggish after lunch at 1-2PM and again at around 8-9PM. I no longer have that. I used to be so tired all day if I don’t get 8 hours of sleep. Now I feel good if I only get 6 which used to ruin my day.


My problem with all the extra energy from fasting is keeping myself occupied. So I try to have lists with variety of things to pick from and do when fasting.

Autophagy from fasting is really beneficial.

Really like his videos.