Internet - I have a need for speed!

Just curious if anyone could recommend the best company for ultra-super-duper fast internet currently…Like upload speeds at around 50mbps…But is that even realistic here? I want to livestream on YouTube with it using OBS, which will cause a lot rendering issues if the speed isn’t up-to-snuff. As so often happens, you order a certain speed, then based on your distance from the main line, you get around 20-30% slower. Anyhow, looking for your top pick! :slight_smile:

Chunghwa currently provides me with 300 down and 100 up and that’s what is delivered to my router. They may have other faster/slower options and it may be dependent on your location. Give them a call I guess.

Cool! Thanks! I’m wondering, how much roughly will that run me a month?

It’s bundled with MOD TV service, I think its something like 1500NT a month for everything and based on some sort of contract, maybe a year. They have different offers all the time so it’s best to call based on what you need.


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Go big or go home. Chungwa FTTH 1G/600M. It’s speedy.

Just so you know they’re limited availability…

My building wouldn’t allow it.

That’s insane. Never heard of something this fast. NZ internet is total garbage.

you get around 20-30% slower.

This is not really a thing here afaik…

That’s why I told OP to call and mentioned the location determines options.

Speed and quality all depend on your location and building. I was with CHT and had crappy service for a few years, supposed to be 100/20 but was nothing like it and NT$1000 per month with ridiculous contracts. Switched to fibre with the local cable company, 500/50 for 799/mth, far superior service and speed.

Note that no matter what service you go to the speeds quoted will be the maximum you can expect inside Taiwan, anything hosted outside Taiwan will likely have severe slow down.

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Here are my numbers in Taiwan and going to the US…

300/100 plan?


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Looks odd that your upload to the US is faster than your upload to Taipei, the ping is awful though. Why “multi” connections? Is this the weird CHT setup with 2 or 3 lines to make up the speed?


No idea, it’s the default for speed test.

Going to go with no, but honestly I have no idea how CHT delivers it. I just know it works well for me for whatever I’m doing.

Availability depends on where they have put fiber already.

Try it with “single” selected

You should read up on it…