Introducing Forumosa Dark Mode

  • Yes, I’d like a Dark Mode
  • No, it’s not necessary.

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Is it possible to have Discourse give options to different themes? If so, I’d love to have a dark mode. For when I’ve got nothing better to do but post online on a Saturday night. :wink:

Edit: Poll added.

Edit II: Poll closed. Thanks for voting!

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It should be possible:

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It might take a little work to get something that’s consistent with our current theme and usable. If you want a dark mode, like Marco’ post do Marco’s poll

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Doesn’t have to be right now. Don’t trip over yourself putting one if you agree. But I think it’d be easier on the eyes and sleep when posting at night.

There’s no need to worry about that :slight_smile: But I will try to get it done if there’s interest. It may not be so tough if they have things set up appropriately

Don’t know how far your coding capabilities go but maybe you could just do a color inversion. I assume it would turn dark purple instead of the manila yellow?

I guess that would be better than dark yellow :slight_smile:

I think it looks pretty cool.

Probably would wanna leave everyone’s avatars and images not color inverted, although mine looks good either way :sunglasses:


That’s inverted? Interesting

That is the creepiest snoopy picture ever.

I’d keep the reply button the same colour though. I think it would fit better instead of that ugly brown.

We could play with that a bit. I hope we could change our logo to that, it looks wicked. The avatars and little boxes next to the Forum names would stay the same. I think I may have to invert my avatar though

I think the forum category colours should stay the same as well, the little coloured box beside the name.

It reads more orange than brown to me. Either way the inverted palette is a good start for a night mode, I think.

Some might get lost in the background though. Not least in this forum

Right, but that would be the same with inverting Events. The yellow would turn to dark blue. I think adjusting the shade would likely be best…maybe? I dunno.

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I don’t think it would be adjustable, if I’m right, not without a lot of hassle.

It would be better than these colors. Yes.

Anyone else feel that reading qhite text on dark backgrounds is hard on the eyes after a while?

While black text on lighter texts might seem more drying, it is at least a good indicator sleep is near.

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I personally don’t usually like white text on dark backgrounds. I actually find the colors here pretty good if I’m reading in a dark room. But I’ve also done better in the past few months of not reading in a dark room, and instead just getting to sleep like I’m supposed to.