iOS 14 iPhone/iPad

Finally getting widgets like 5 years or longer after Android.

Anyone upgraded iPad yet?

Nope. Why get an iPad when I can get a Windows tablet with all the functionality of a full desktop OS?

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No jailbreak, no way.

I think a comparable Surface Pro costs more, but I haven’t looked for a while.



I just upgraded my iPad and things is faster now.

I upgraded my iPad pro first generation to iOS 14 and really like the split screen feature. Handwriting to text was another feature.

My iPad 6th gen has had split screen for awhile. The screen seems more clear and crisp. Like someone cleaned a really dirty screen.

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Windows is for two things: when you’re getting paid, and when you’re gaming.

iOS is for everything else. It’s nice to have an iPad for reading the news, the web, video, etc, because iOS just feels nice. It’s like walking around in a green leafy well taken care of neighborhood, whereas Windows is like a sketchy industrial district where you never know if there’s a mugger around the next corner.

That being said I don’t have any tablet at all because I already have too many damn screens in my life.


Hardly. Windows gets everything done reliably.

If it’s not God Almighty Steve Jobs endorsed, good luck getting it done.

I updated my iPad Pro just for scribble, it is very nice.

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I’m a Windows guy with an iPhone, Windows has been screwing things up a lot lately with stupid updates. I will still game on Windows at home because of DirectX but I’ve completely replaced my laptop with an iPad Pro. I could never get used to using Windows with touch for some reason, its like, oh its Windows and I forget about touch or pen immediately and tablet mode on Windows is a joke.

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Which is what people do the most (excluding internet surfing which is identical in both, as most people use chrome anyways).

How do you like the ipad? I had an ipad air 2nd gen and the functionality was severely limited. Even things like Excel and Word felt weird and unintuitive. I do think iPad will be great once Apple moves MacOS to ARM though.

The iPad doesn’t even have an accessible file system. A basic feature all computing devices should have.

Sharing and managing your own files and folders is a nightmare.

Flash drives? Difficult.

Flash drives on Windows? Easy. Drag and drop.

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Last iPad I had was the iPad 2 from 2011 and never bought one again because it felt like an XL iPhone. Things have changed now with keyboard, pencil, and the powerhouse SoC. It works great for my use case:

  • Wanted to go paperless, no need to carry an agenda around to take notes and schedule everything with Google Calendar.
  • I diagram a lot during webinars and online trainings so its perfect for that.
  • I need to mark on many PDF files daily, this makes the process enjoyable.
  • It sucks for creating slides or working on excel but that is what my work PC is for, I carry this around everywhere and use it to present things I’ve worked on the PC previously.
  • Our company has a main file server and I can access all files from the Finder app which you couldn’t before.
  • USB-C has been a huge deal for me.
  • I can take photos from my phone and they’ll appear instantly on my iPad, the integration within Apple devices is great, my AirPods also switch back and forth automatically (this is a pain in Windows)
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Not the greatest File system but I can access everything on my iPad now. All I need is SMB and Cloud drive access.

Sync via cloud works like a charm. I use mainly OneDrive.

I have a USB-C/A thumb drive that I can use on both my iPad and Windows PC.

Yeah it does, that’s why it’s good for when you’re getting paid… e.g. at work.

But for when I just want a computer or device that works, e.g. machines I buy for personal use, Apple stuff is just far superior. It costs a little more but that cost is paid off and then some because of how much mileage you get out of it, which also translates into resale value.

I’ll give you an example. I have owned countless Windows devices over the years… many work laptops, including very expensive ones, plus gaming rigs I’ve built up from parts, plus laptops from Dell, plus a gaming laptop I’ve had for two years now which has treated me pretty well. On average I’d say I’ve used my Windows computers for 2 or 3 years each, then moved on to something new. Usually, they have little or no resale value after 2 or 3 years.

On the other hand, I bought a MacBook Air in 2013 and the thing still runs like new. It blows my mind. I keep it clean, and I wipe it every few years, and it still gets the new Mac OS each year and runs those great. How many $999 Windows laptops from 2013 are still running, with the newest version of Windows no less?

My wife uses that computer every single day and has for 7 years. It still feels new. It’s snappy, it starts up fast, it feels great for video and web browsing, which is all we do with it. That computer has made me understand why people love Apple products: it’s not because of some mindless worship of Steve Jobs, it’s because they are really good products that last a long time. As a lifelong Windows user, I just can’t say the same thing, in general, about Windows. It’s fine. It works. But it’s not a great product, and mainstream consumers are smart enough to figure that out.

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I personally wouldn’t buy an iPad for Word or Excel, but that’s just me. I’d only buy an iPad if I was mainly going to use it for reading the web and watching video.

Nobody buys an iPad for Word or Excel…