iPhone 11

Anyone going to be purchasing the 11 or 11 Pro?

I couldn’t be more indifferent.

I have an iPhone 7 and it’s fine. Nothing Apple has done has wowed me since Steve Jobs was still above ground.

I’ll probably only upgrade when this one shits the bed.


The 7 and 8 were the last ones I really loved. I won’t be upgrading this cycle…I’ll wait till next year.

It’s a mature industry now. It would be crazy if they could keep that level of improvement for much longer.
I’ll wait for the 5G ones coming out next year.

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Not 5G ready so idk. Doesn’t seem to have duel sim which I really need.


The first, and hopefully last, iPhone I owned was a 3GS, haven’t seen the point since when android handsets are so much more usable and better priced.

I think so as well. I have the X and it’s really nice already. Not enough to buy a 11 and than buy the 5G compatible phone later. Really incredible apple is so behind.

All the 2018 X-models had dual sim, so I can only assume that the ones this year do as well.

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I’ll pass. Apple discontinued the XS models - kept the XR and iPhone 8 though.

Either they’re forcing any upgraders onto the newest models or they realized there’s no point in having two models ranges (XS and 11 pros) that people don’t really want.

They should’ve kept it simple as they did when Jobs was still above ground: iPhone 8, iPhone XR and iPhone 11 (the upgrade to the XR).

I like iPhones but I’ll wait till next year. Hopefully they release a long awaited update to the SE.

The rumor is that this will be a 6-month later addition to the lineup.


The one with 3 cameras makes me really itchy, they did not think about Trypophobia.

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I’m waiting until they have 33 camera lenses.


Oh, didn’t know that. Got my X in 2017 Christmas so.

They all have eSim for sure, but only the China models have dual physical sims, which is disappointing. You should probably just order one from HK if you need it.

That’s lame of apple.

I saw an article about this. I don’t get this phobia, but it makes me laugh. Maybe it’s related to spiders having multiple eyes.

As a rule I use a phone until it breaks or it becomes so slow that it is unusable, or the battery life is so low that it’s useless as a phone.

What’s the point of forking over 30,000+NT on a phone? There are more permanent things I can buy with that money.

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Is make my body itchy like allergy, nothing to bad.

I’m gonna get one in a few months.

How often do you update? Why do you think this model is worth the price tag?