iPhone 11

Not very often. I have an iPhone 7 and I think it’s time to get a new one.

And iPhone 11 is already cheaper than 10.

Will you get the Pro?

The Pro is just what they’re calling the XS these days. The XS, XR naming scheme was too confusing. I’d get the Pro if you like the size of the iPhone 7/8. I found the XR (now iPhone 11) to be too large for my liking.

iPhone should just reboot the numbers… which is what I thought they were doing with the X two years ago, but I guess not.

(Besides there was never an iPhone 9, so the sequence doesn’t even make sense)

I think maybe it’s on purpose. Apple is strange like that. To make it weird.

The “x” was supposed to be pronounced 10 because it was the 10th anniversary from release. Pro now means the premium model, regardless of size.

iPhones are sheet without dual SIMS.
just crappy.
most China brands’ operating systems when you choose Settings look like an iPhone anyway.
zero learning curve. and they have tons mire functions.

Maybe someone decided it would be a bad idea to continue with the X naming e.g, iPhone XXX :laughing:

Joking aside, I was thinking X2, X3, etc


That would be pronounce (officially anyway) as ten-two, ten-three. Not so great.

Why? Just say “Ex-2… Ex-3…”

Just reboot it with X as the base.

You could, but official the iPhone X is pronounced iPhone Ten.

I’ve only ever heard people say “EX” when describing it. :man_shrugging: Don’t think it matters much in any case…