Is 100K enough for family of 3 (child of 3year) to live in Taipei?

How much is expense for family of 3 to live in Taipei (nearby Nangan 20 min MRT or Train) will be looking for english kindy for kid and decent 2 room apartment. Food will be mostly cooked at home and weekends will dine out. Can it be managed in 100K and can there be any savings ?

No problem. Live on 50K and invest 50K every month. You’ll be happy you did in 30 years.

Forget the English kindergarten.

The apartment will be at least 30k a month won’t it and the kindy 15-20k, won’t it?


No way. You can find 2-bedrooms under 20 near MRTs still. Probably older and no elevator though.

Maybe, maybe not.

Eh…I guess so that’s pushing it to the limit.


You mean 20min to Nangan by MRT or train?
In Nangan was still cheaper when I moved, iirc. Is it different now?

“English” kindy is 20K to 30K per month.

the range of decent, you may need to specify.


Taipei city’s average household income is 1.7 million (2019 census). Take it as you may.

I think 100K would be cutting it close. After NHI (and other) deductions and tax, your take-home income will be near 85-90K a month. (Actually, you might be taxed at 18% first and then get refunded the following year, but in the long run, take-home wouldn’t be more than 90K)

A nice 2BR apartment in a less than 20-year-old building would be near 30K. You can reduce that to 20K if you stay in an older, more worn-out place. Home Utilities + Phone bills would be another 3K-4K a month. Food would be ~20K I’d say if you cook at home most of the time. If you try to buy Indian groceries (your username sounds Indian), you can expect this to increase to 25K+ quite easily.

I have no clue about English KG but looking at the above comments, it seems like you would have very little savings if you go this route…

Forget about the English kindy and you’ll have some savings .

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Absolutely nothing to do with the point @Chief was making

My opinion is no. It would at least be very tough.

I think they’d do it and it wouldn’t be that tough, just without much if any savings.

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if they’d want a “decent” saving, it’d be tough.

20~30k for housing
20~30k for kindy
20~30k for food including weekend dining out
10k for other things including uutility, phone, and insurance.

Whatever left are saving


That looks right to me.

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Are you referring to Nankan (in Taoyuan) or Nangang (on the eastern edge of Taipei City)?


Taipei’s in the thread title

Well, that’s absolutely not true now is it? I followed the 30 year path suggested, and I was bored af a lot of the time. My point was that there are alternatives to the 30 year plan.

I guess I’m lucky to have a thrifty wife. I lived in Taipei for over two decades with a family of seven for less than 60K a month, so I was always able to save well over 100K/mo. For about two years now, I have lived outside of Taipei for less than 40K.

I just meant invest as much as possible as early as possible. The 30 years was just a random number.