Is ADHD real?

We all have ADHD to varying degrees

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this sounds so normal…

Some normal. But I notice it’s a problem for me more than others.

You are able to reply intelligently to long complex threads on this forum. I’m mentally unable to do that. I can’t focus long enough. I can hardly read or watch TV. I can’t even remember what this reply is about


Being sober might help.


I’m ok with reading. I never have much problems with reading. Probably since if I lose focus, I can go right back to where I was. But listening is hard because my mind drifts from things people say a lot.

Stop distracting me! I’m studying for my exams!

Just wait until you’re so distracted you’ve gone into a one hour wiki wormhole about the Mary Tyler Moore show or some other weird thing you previously had no interest in.


I read a lot because of my ADD…

No we don’t, thats an wrong and ridiculous thing to say. You might lack focus or organization, but that isn’t the same as having ADHD.

ADHD is a very real and very serious medical condition


it is if the symptoms cause significant problems functioning in at least two settings. It depends on the threshold. I’m not saying ADHD is not real, but there is not a clear boundary.

I disagree I think it’s a bunch of boloney

You can say this about most if not all mental disorders.

I don’t know what to tell you. I’ve had it my whole life. I didn’t believe it was real until I got older. I have an extremely hard time focusing and listening. I get distracted far more than others. I am hyperactive, it’s actually painful in a way not to move around sometimes. I have weird urges to move in times I know I should stay still. And I am extremely impulsive.

I get some people use it as an excuse and it might be over-diagnosed. But my entire childhood was teachers giving me a hard time because I can’t focus in class, i move around and stuff.

I have tried my best to control this, but it’s really hard. My parents had to fight with most of my teachers to keep me in the normal class because a few teachers wanted to put me into special ed. My grades are always good, I can read the materials and grasp it but I can’t listen to my teachers.


I would give anything for your level of energy

It’s possible to both argue that ADHD is a real condition and that it’s massively over-diagnosed and over-medicated.


I’ve manage to find positive ways to channel the hyperactive part. But most of my early life was people confused why I can’t stay still. Don’t get me wrong. Most young boys have full of energy. But I was the one leading the class.

I think you are ignorant. Why not read up on something that has been recognized by all of medical science. Also why come on to a thread about ADHD support being this way

ADHD is a lot to live with. It’s not forgetting a book or being late. The filters and dompamine regulation system in a normal functioning brain are broken. You have to work twice as hard to just be functional. It’s a burden that you can never escape.


ADHD is real. Science will tell you that. Can we start another thread for debating against medical science please rather than one focused on getting support for a condition

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No, there is no clear boundary for ADHD as well as other most if not all mental disorders, as @Andrew0409 said. Yes, there are clear differences between those who are suffered, and those who are “normal”, but the borderline is not clear. I think the same could be said on some physical illnesses too.

Added: I don’t know any medical papers that show a clear boundary. Do you know?

I got through half your post then I lost interest.

I expressed my opinion on ADD (which later became ADHD…and which soon will be ADDHDD) on a health forum. You didn’t like my opinion. It’s not uncommon to question the validity of many of these so called diseases today

For example I don’t believe alcoholism is a disease or sex addiction or SAD or others