Is ADHD real?

what is the validity to be called diseases?

Why don’t you go and do this somewhere else. Or read up on the subject.

You know nothing about what you are talking about or what someone with ADHD has to deal with. They are also misplaced , this is a thread for someone looking for support not for uninformed opinions

Or syndrome or disorder or whatever

So you assume

Yes there are. There are tests for ADHD. In the UK it’s a very stringent process.

I already told OP in detail how I got meds(speed). Not valuable ?

You assume a person who expresses a differing opinion to yours has not educated him/herself. Interesting

And the tests are done by thresholds someone sets. If the thresholds are changed, the boundary moves.

I like your that kind of posts, but I agree to @OrangeOrganics that this thread may not be appropriate.

First watch this from Russel Barkley. He is probably the foremost expert on ADHD. Not a guy with opinions on the internet

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I have suffered with ADHD my whole life. I had to build my own coping mechanisms and spend my teenage years in a hell of depression and confusion about what was wrong with me until being diagnosed. I know a lot about ADHD and the actual scientific discussions.

Someone has come here looking for help. There is a certain amount of bravery to do this on a public forum.


I apologize if I’ve offended you

The study by Dr. Nora D. Volkow supports my claim, that statistically they are different, but the boundary is not clear. There is no big gap between two groups at the boundary. Two groups are overlapping at the unclear border. Again, I’m not saying there is not distinctive two groups. I’m just saying the border is unclear, and unclear boundary doesn’t mean there is no difference between two groups.

There is enough peered reviewed studies and enough research for any respected medical body in the world to confirm that ADHD is a real neurological condition. There are stringent tests for assessing if one has ADHD (in the UK these go into the hundreds of pounds). Of course like anything in life there is a margin of error, but medical professionals can assess ADHD with an excellent level of accuracy.

Im not sure what you want to say. ADHD is a condition related to issues with dopamine receptors. Of course the severity of the problem differs between individuals, just like anything else. ADHD isnt just a psychological condition that makes you forget things sometimes, thats laziness or disorganization


Not in the way that we usually think of such things.

Doctors use a list of symptoms and diagnosis generally involves a person (or their parents) self-reporting they display over half of the list. Duration (since onset of symptoms) and interference with daily activities are taken into consideration. A good deal of wiggle room exists on some of the criteria.

I think that he’s simply trolling (and being a bit of a dick in the process) but a lot of people hold the belief that if something isn’t able to be established through an x-ray or blood test, it isn’t real.


Probably real, but also problably most of the people who say they have ADHD they really don’t.

Going to school in Taiwan with ADHD was an awful experience. My teachers would hit me everyday. It’s not like I wanted to be punished, I really had a significantly harder time staying focus and staying still.


I’m not arguing on most of what you say.

Just the boundary. The above is a clear boundary, the below is a unclear boundary.


as @Terry_B said, the boundary is not a clear definitive line.

You take dopamine supplements now? Or has your condition somewhat abated with adulthood. Is it the focus and attention that are the residual after effects? And lots of energy?

I have almost zero attention span and can’t finish a paragraph I just gloss over these long threads here and scratch my head. You seem very intelligent and well read and articulate.

I’ve never had trouble reading and putting my thoughts together. In fact, it’s actually a problem because I’m constantly putting my thoughts together, especially when others are talking. They might say a sentence and one word will make me lose focus and get me thinking about something. I have to repeatedly correct this behavior.

It’s not just energy. What you’re thinking of is just young boys full of energy. That is normal. But i feel a urge to move parts of my body if I try to stay still. When I play the piano for example, I for whatever reason want to twitch my fingers and move my leg. If I don’t think about it, I notice my feet or leg or even toes move for no reason. I have to constantly stop myself because it annoys people. It’s an impulsive want to move and do things.

It’s better now as I’ve learned to cope with different ways.