Is America in decline?

I’d say disruption or transition, more than decline, but we’ll see how it shakes out moving forwards. Anyways, gonna watch the video because it is a question that affects us all…

I believe US won’t be the undisputed superpower anymore and it will need a global coalition to ensure China doesn’t get ideas. I don’t expect anything else to change though. China doesn’t have any friends by their own design and there is just no way they can counter a coalition of the free world.


No. Just a rough patch I reckon.

I’m guessing the real decline will be associated with the Bush after Clinton.

Seems to be a real snowball now.

The coup against Trump and the installation of Biden really leaves things in the hands of the shadow people.

Things not going well for China politically and economically can easily lead one to predict war.

I can’t think of anyone worse than Biden right now. Disaster for the world is so close

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The video implies it is USA vs China.

China will be fighting a coalition of the USA and Europe.

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Europe may well have enough problems of its own containing Russia.

US GDP as a share of world economy is half what it was ~50 years ago. I think it’s healthy. All things being equal, I’d like things to be more equal. I hope Europe, SE Asia, Africa, etc., all see growing economies which will inevitably mean a smaller % for the US. I don’t think a single superpower is good, and dueling superpowers isn’t a great idea others.

Honestly, I think it’s been in decline since 9/11 when our sense of national security was shaken and the Bush administration decided our record surplus needed to be spent on forever wars. And it’s only gotten sooooooo much worse since then. But the decline could still drag on indefinitely. Some say the UK has been in decline since its colonial dreams were shattered after WWII and it started retreating into itself.


And India, Japan, South Korea, Australia, Vietnam, Philippines, Taiwan of course…

I can see China only having the backing of Russia, North Korea, Pakistan, hey maybe Hollywood will secede from the USA just to back them up!


Hollywood’s power is in propaganda, which could be powerful…

but I’d probably prefer a coalition than just the USA dominating the world…

Hollywood’s acquiescence to China’s state censors (and desire to have supporting parts or shoehorned subplots for Chinese actors) is really pathetic.

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While that might be true, in Japan’s heyday US share of world economy was similar to its share now. Since the late 2000s US share of world economy has not decreased despite China’s growth as Europe and Japan’s shares both declined dramatically.

EU’s share of global GDP keeps decreasing despite a dozen new members joining since 2004. If any region is on decline it’s Europe, not America.

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I have to wonder how much of US economy is fake, like middlemen marking stuff up, money being created out of thin air, etc.

I mean it’s easy to say your economy is growing when you keep printing more money and giving them to the rich.

US is in decline but I hope can turn things around. US needs to rebuild alliances and reform

China will have the biggest GDP in the world and I don’t think much can stop that.

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… and most of Asia

China is the biggest trading partner of most countries in Asia. Outside of Japan, Taiwan and India, can’t think of a single country that is outwardly Anti China

They’re own stupidy of starting a war will.

China’s growth is weak now and real estate bubble is on the brink of bursting. There’s suspicion whether that would ever happen in the end.

Na the state won’t let Evergrande collapse. They are just going to split it up and restructure everything. It wont collapse, the state is too powerful and has too many economic levers at its disposal. There will be reverberation but China will basically be ok

And when I say OK, I mean growth will still slow down in the next decade, but they will at the same time still overtake the US in nominal GDP

IDK about this. They need to sacrifice a cow or two after the whole whoopsie poopsie COVID fiasco. A bit of domestic discord will soften their look to the rest of the world, who depend on their cheap manufacturing. My guess is someone’s going to be eating cake and soon.