Is America in decline?

Game, set, stroke.

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In Taiwan it would be chicken fried betel nuts or bubble tea.

Chicken-fried pig’s blood cakes.

I had kids try one of these idiotic things in class. He ended up over the trash can gagging, spitting up and draining his nose like an overflow valve at the dam.

This is America’s future when it’s 50 trillion dollars in debt and most of its annual tax revenue goes towards paying interest on that debt:^google|twcamp^serp|twgr^tweet

Sweden has red neck food too


An Apple Store was hit at about 8pm local time on Tuesday (00:00 GMT) and police chased fleeing teenagers who raided the shop, recovering dropped iPhones and a “pile of iPads” at one spot, a police statement said.

There is a video on Reddit where the anti theft virtual fence of Apple devices kicks in. All devices are getting locked and an alarm is going off. Criminals start to panic and smash their stolen devices.


At least they were arrested. Can’t help wondering if they were actually charged, though, or released back onto the streets to carry on doing it. I get the feeling there’s a certain intentionality behind this sort of thing.

Those display phones and devices gets bricked as soon as you leave the store with it.

It still doesn’t stop them from simply damaging them though.

Some cop shot some guy and they didn’t fire or indict him. So, loot on, brah!

This report made me think. Honestly shocked me as somebody who travels through a lot of airports, I never imagined homeless people would try to live in them.


Why aren’t churches housing them? Considering they aren’t even paying taxes. Think if you wanted to serve the Lord housing them should be their priority.

But maybe get out of Florida because it seems to have become a Christian version of Taliban.

If the richest country in the world won’t help them, something’s seriously fucked up. Shouldn’t cost 500-700 dollars a month to rent a small room.

The churches in America do not serve God, they serve money.

By the way I’ve read about homeless shelters. There aren’t enough and there are very ridiculous rules about it, so much so that it was better to stay on the street.

They want to give tax breaks to the rich, how about giving them the tax break on the condition that they house homeless people by building more housing?

And forget section 8. A lot of landlords won’t rent to section 8, and government provided housing have year long waiting lists.

Don’t know why people even want to come in through the southern border. They’re probably better off staying put.

Congratulations, Republicans, you kept people out of America by ruining the country.

PS: Maybe she could think about getting a job at Walmart… I think when I worked there they never really tried verifying addresses or anything. Paystub and stuff were all done online. They get enough bad press that not a lot of people actually want to work there but they’re actually not a bad employer, pretty much in line with similar jobs from competing companies.

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you’re the same guy that keeps talking about how much better it’d be if you hadn’t gotten deported from the US? :wink:

AND you’re in a relatively prosperous, stable country?! :wink:

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I was just at Florida. Went to universal studios. Had a great time. I’m debating opening a new warehouse there maybe 2025-2026 or Texas. Seems ok to me :man_shrugging:

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People are flocking there. According to MSNBC it’s falling apart :slight_smile:


The winter temperature was nice. Europe is freezing :cold_face:

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I haven’t the time to read the entire thing but the west seems to be following the same trend, wanting to return to days of absolute rule and a feudal society. Because you can bet one thing they’re not doing is providing ordinary people with any wealth whatsoever.

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