Is dating hard for East Asian guys in the West?

No, he married a Taiwanese woman who was a nurse. But he waited until he was over 40.

Taiwanese want kids with a good modern man, not the way you mention which why you look for poor women. Your not in Taiwan and maybe in your country women are like that but not here in Taiwan. We want take care of our parents too not only husbands. I am single but my sister and husband come for dinner a few days a week to my parents and kids too which is quite normal now. Very few want take care husbands side, as husband can do it too. Do you care for your wife’s parents or would you if needed or other family?


Because we are in an hedonist era promoted by marketing and producing childish forever teenager children.

If they are Russian models yeah, much better than average.


Yeah, because they’ll take care of grandma. ha!

Taiwanese women prefer good looking western guys.
Taiwanese men prefer good looking east European models.
Average looking of Taiwanese will be improved, if everyone can get a good looking partner.

Making babies is more urgent than taking care of grandma.

Didn’t sound like your uncle agreed.

Why is making babies so important? It’s not like we have a shortage of babies.

I rather have cats than babies.

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Why as others have said as it’s a personal issue and why force this on women and not an issue for men. Do you have many kids/grandkids too or none at all?

Take care of parents on both sides would be ideal.

FIFY :sunglasses:


I’m not my uncle.

Move to Taiwan, become a citizen, and have many babies with your spouse!


Stereotype states yes, but mostly its a confidence thing. Asian dudes just need to step our games up and that’s all and not give a fuck. Don’t need to be a “bad boy” but just need to let shit slide…to slide into WAP…if u know what i mean. LOL!

Don’t ban me plz…

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Well, you were talking about your uncle.

And it seemed pretty clear that we weren’t talking about you, since you didn’t vaguely reference yourself, aren’t in Taiwan, and you’ve stated you have essentially no interest in moving to Taiwan, soooo, yeah, ok.

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So do you take care of your wife parents and who takes care of your kids?

Yes, and have more kids rather than telling others.