Is dating impossible in Hsinchu?

Been here in Hsinchu (Zhubei) for about two months, and discovered dating is impossible here, I’m starting to go nuts. Any advice?

Have you tried the dating and social apps and internet?

I live there, too. The only people I know who live here and are dating, are dating co-workers. And that, is bad news. I do not. I am married.

Oh man, I would definitely try dating apps. My only real impression of hsinchu was when I was stationed there for army duty. And I don’t think I could ever live there unless I was older and married with a good paying job there. Hsinchu has all the annoying parts of being in a city environment with almost none of the benefits.

Nothing wrong with dating apps. It’s a pretty efficient way of dating if you ask me. And I guess it can be shallow looking at a picture of someone and determining if you want to date them by swiping. But don’t people do that anyways in real life? Just with mental swipes

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Nothing at all! I met my wife on Tinder and she’s the total package; smart, beautiful, funny, etc. Hopefully we’ve moved beyond the days when online dating was stigmatized, since it seems most people are doing it. So I second trying out dating apps. I’ve never visited Hsinchu, but it’s still a city with hundreds of thousands of people. Of course there are single and lonely people there looking for a relationship (or casual encounters, if that’s your thing). OP, you’re declaring dating is impossible there after only TWO months?! C’mon… at least give it a while. Download some apps, hit some bars or clubs, you’ll be fine.

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People in Hsinchu are SERIOUS !

Many I know here met through company organized social activities. Other than through work or school, I haven’t seen much in the way of social activities that would allow you to meet someone.


if theres no luck at least xinzhu is quite close to other citys.

I taught at one of the high schools and discovered that some of the girls were dating engineers from the science park.

There are quite a few guys around Zhubei. I don’t think you always need to wait for them to make the first move. Just go and talk to them!

I think OP wants to meet a girl.


So the story goes for me as follows. I am an engineer out here in Hsinchu and I’ve used tinder but I receive no likes and very few girls on tinder are in Hsinchu. In taipei, I do receive quite a bit more likes but it’s a pain to go all the way there for a date. Regardless, I really dislike meeting women through tinder because most of the time I’m one of 20 other interesting guys a girl has on tap so it’s a bit of downer when things don’t go too well.

I suppose it’s off to nightclubs and bars.

Whenever, wherever you see hot or sexy looking “women” in Taiwan, you’re just seeing little girls playing dress up. Welcome to ROC, Republic of Children

Check meetup app and go to some groups, join badminton, take a dance class, painting class, join hiking club, go to church… just do social stuff and out of that some will come along.

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Seems like an odd thing to say. I’ve met plenty of sexy women here.

Hsinchu is not for social life. Hsinchu is for WOK HAD. Here, you work. Hard. In the Science City. As an engineer. And then you eat. And then you sleep. And while you sleep you see dreams about work. And try to work a little while you eat, and sleep less, so you can work more.

Jokes aside, yes - Hsinchu is kinda not “the social” place, it’s a city consisted of students and engineers. And that’s it. Just go to Taipei or Taichung.

P.S. Zhubei, while being a nicely built city compared to Hsinchu (OMG it has planning and nice buildings!!!) is still half “ghost town”, people usually only sleep there after working in Science City (see Paragraph 1).

you’re in the most sexually oppressed culture in Asia. 90% of the females (20s, 30s, 40s) are emotionally immature and sexually suppressed. Real, healthy, inner sexuality is not only not valued, it’s considered a “distraction” from school during the crucial years of personal development as teens. All in the name of test scores FFS !
My job is to “speak” to local adults, and I’ve spoken to hundreds of them about their lives from A to Z. These words are theirs, too. Wonder no more why they lack so much confidence. Why passion is reduced to passivity. Warm physical affection is an anomaly.
I’ve been lucky to find a few exceptions and the 1st was my epiphany. Sad, but you can’t buy sexy in Sogo, nor can you paint it on your nails. All style, no substance. Just playing dress up. These kids need to start a fu*king revolution, literally.

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isn’t japan the one with sex problems?

what exactly do you have a problem with here? school kids studying instead of spending all their time partying and banging each other?

i would say that yea its true young people here retain their innocence longer. and i don’t actually mind that. compared to all the teen pregnancy’s and rough kids back home its much preferable.


Whoooosh is the sound of my post going right over your head, dear. never mind