Is Gin A Healthy Drink

It can be. Until you wake up naked on a bench in the park. But not gin and tonic (sugar). Gin Fizz is low calorie nearly keto friendly.


Is Vodka good for you?
Gin is Vodka flavoured with Juniper!

My morning workout tomorrow will be delayed until late afternoon so I’m thinking what tonight’s poison will be (since a hangover will be less of an issue). I’m very tempted with this gin fizz but I’ll probably just go for scotch. Maybe another evening when I’m feeling a bit more ambitious.

I want to drink gin more long drinks and cocktails. I know the basics and standards but I need to learn more about what’s readily available that suits my preferences.

I have a heavy gin intake and I’m almost 50. Proof that it’s healthy.

The Belgian original called ‘Jenever’ is healthier, the Brits just copied it!

To avoid sugar, I’ve switched from a gin and tonic to a gin and soda with a twist of lime.

I still shudder when I think about Collin’s Lemon Gin in Canada. (on the back label it says “Do not drink straight, may cause temporary blindness”)


Oh god. I had not thought about that … product … (won’t refer to it as a drink) in decades. You’ve brought back memories - or rather, hazes of memories - long forgotten, and I really wish they’d stayed forgotten.

Are you suffering from melancholy?

IDK if you are joking but… here are some fun facts:

  1. Gintonic was used in India by the Brits as prophylaxis for Malaria. Why? because of the quinine in the tonic water. Problem with that was… quinine can cause (temporary?) deafness. Maybe there’s a correlation between current drinking trends and pop music after all.
  2. Distilled alcohol drinks can produce blindness if the “head” and the “tail” of the batch is not disregarded during production. Why? because of methanol. Maybe there’s a correlation between current drinking habits of cheap bastards and Forumosa moderation after all.

Not kidding. It actually said that on the bottle. We marched ahead anyway.

Isn’t gin called “mother’s ruin” because the way they made it in the olden days included chemicals that rendered one sterile?

Historically gin has a bad rap especially from times when all kinds of bad additives were included. Not so relevant today.

But there is this relevant today.

I guess I am a psychopath because I like gin. I like vodka too, though. I prefer clear liquors in general.

Sugary cocktails just make me feel sick so I always get a gin and tonic. All my friends make fun of me for it because it’s not something people my age typically drink, but I stomach sour/bitter drinks much better.

Only because I’m almost 50.

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Do you prefer a bitter taste for everything or just for alcoholic drinks?

Psychopath juice in large quantities

Don’t worry you’ll make it, I did. It ain’t nice the other side of 50 but getting there is the point.

That’s all well and good, but what do people do for the tonic side? I keep opening a can of tonic, using maybe 1/3 to 1/2 of it, and then throwing the rest away. Are there any smaller cans around?

(Yes, yes, I could drink more. But usually I’m just having one strongish drink.)