Is it alright to trust a Taiwanese man for marriage?

Hi. I am 22 years old graduate girl and I have been in Long distance relationship with a Taiwanese guy for 11months. He had come to mine country & even met my mom though I haven’t said to dad yet. He seems nice and honest guy., so we decided of getting married after one year., since he is already 34 years old., his mother has been telling him to get married and setting up blind dates, so for now he said he had rejected those dates. After Savin up some money I had decided to visit taiwan and meet his mother. Though it seems getting visa for taiwan is quite hassle for me. I m jus worried that I want to complete my masters studies 1st and marry later but he says to get marry after 1year. I really don’t know what to do. I love him a lot., and worried that after marrying I don’t know how his family gonna treat me because I heard really nasty rumors about being foreign bride.

Are you Vietnamese?

Only Discobot knows. @discobot fortune

why would someone ask this on an online forum? seriously!

You are young. Why not take a risk and try it out. Get engaged as a fiancé’ and live in Taiwan for a year. If life doesn’t get better then you can always call it off. Make sure you take birth control pills so you won’t get pregnant. Breaking up is so much easier without kids involved. You are only 22. As long as you keep up your looks and physique your score in the SMV sexual market value will peak around age 34. In the mean time choose wisely. Meet more men. Dating is much like investing. Do not put all your eggs in one basket. Have a portfolio and select the best possible men you can with your game. Hypergamy and marrying up is part of human DNA and natural selection.
Being born into the right family, marrying into the right family can mean a lot to your life quality.

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In Taiwan you can not get easily divorced if the partner does not agree. A divorce can take many years in that case. Adultery is illegal as well. So even if you separate without divorce you can get in trouble with the law if you ‘date’ other people.

I would not consider marriage if it is not a sure thing to stay together for a life time.

Invest in yourself first by finishing your degree. If he is committed to you, he can wait another year until you are done. If not, you wouldn’t want to marry him anyway.


just no…


What do you mean market value? I m quite offended with what you said though you mean no harm. So even till now girls are only viewed as sexual figure.for me it’s as if all or nothing, and our culture doesn’t allowed sex before marriage, and he knows that and respect about it. I do want to be fully independent before I marry him so that I can have identify of myself too., anyway thanks for your advice


Does she have to first announce her IPO before offering herself up on this market?


Ignore that guy talking about smv…Whatever that means.

Finish your studies first. Keep your options open. Stay independent longer is better . Your English and communication skills are good so you can prosper on your own also you are still very young. Don’t get married without knowing somebody better first also his family. It could be difficult to get divorced. Never quit your education for others convenience you will regret it.

  1. Learn Chinese. Do not engage in a relationship with a Taiwanese guy without being linguistically independent.

  2. No, you cannot trust a Taiwanese man. As a matter of fact, you cannot trust a man or woman or anyone else, only yourself. In marriage, you are giving another peson a loaded gun and hope that they won’t use it against you. Unfortunately, due to the laws here, the balance of power makes them trigger happy.

  3. Do a little research on what it takes for ARC and work requirements. If you have any questions, let us know. Many have come here led by partners who paint it too easy. Job market is really tough here.

In my cvountry we say when poverty comes in teh door, love jumps out the window. If you have a certain quality of life in your own hometown, be at least aware of the conditions here.

  1. Why are we wary of long distance relationships? Well, you love him, but do you really know him? Many taiwanese turn into a completely different person when they are abroad…and you won’t recognize your partner once you are here. Be aware that there are very little of legal protections for you. As to teh emotional side, family influence -in some cases, codependence- throws to the wind any but teh strongest relatinships. The hardshops, emotional and economical, will wear you down. That is why so many people here drink.

These days a lot of women are staying private as long as possible. IPO is not what is used to be. The pressure from putting yourself on the public markets & having to report quarterly beauty results, hairdresser pay ratios etc, can be intense.

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Sounds like good, um…investment advice. What should you do if you get hit with a margin call?

Everyone said. Finish your study first, regardless of whether you marry to him or not.


another one for the finish your studies column… also, i don’t know jack about him but from what you have said i’m not that keen on him. he is trying to pressure a 22 (who is 12 years younger than him…)year old into marriage, to skip your studies for him??? does that sound like he has your best interests in mind? it seems pretty obvious he does not.


Yeah, I also don’t understand why these types of serious life-altering questions are asked on an online forum. Its just wrong for so many reasons. The OP is better off asking people she knows & trusts and who are much more aware of the full situation than we can be based on 1 paragraph of info. At best, this is incredibly naive.

Safety of anonymously asking for help.


Omo thanks for information. And I m really sorry for asking advice. I have always been indulge myself in studies so got no friends to ask irl. and as for IPO or smv I really don’t know what it means because In mah class we study coding so thought he was talking about either IPV4, or IPV6,. I just wanted to know if someone from Taiwan country would let me know their culture or religion stuff or anything that could help me. And I m planning to visit him this August. And thanks everyone

Again is it IPV4 or IPV6??