Is it currently possible to obtain a China, Hong Kong or Macau visa while in Taiwan?

I’m trying to apply for a visa for Hong Kong and it tells me to go to the nearest Chinese mission. Is there one in Taiwan or do I need to go to another country to find a mission?

I guess it might be this one: 香港經濟貿易文化辦事處 - 主頁

There is no mainland Chinese mission here. Normally they advise you to go to HK to get a visa for China. If the visa is for HK, you’ll perhaps have to go to another country with a China/HK office.

香港經濟貿易文化辦事處 is no longer open AFAIK

Why do you need a visa for HK?

Aren’t you American?


there are no diplomatic offices here for any PRC entities.
in the past when i needed a PRC visa, a travel agent FedExed my docs overseas and applied on my behalf there. perhaps they can do something simialr for you for HK?


I’m trying to apply for an entrepreneur visa and they said submit it at your overseas mission

I guess that would be Japan or one of the SEA countries, but not Taiwan

Anyone know why there’s not a PRC embassy in Taiwan?




Rent too expensive, Chinese food not so good.


No. You need to leave to access a China mission.

Contact one of the various agencies you can find online and get them to do it for you in the country of your passport, you’ll need to mail them your passport. It won’t be cheap but not super expensive and a lot cheaper than taking a trip to do it yourself.

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Not sure about HK, but for Chinese visas, the agents in Taiwan won’t apply on behalf of foreigners.

You sure about that? I’m sure I’ve seen somewhere on here before where people got a Chinese visa through an agency in Taiwan. Anyway, I’m talking about sending the passport away to an agency overseas.

I tried for both a visitor visa to China and a work visa and all the agencies I asked said they weren’t able to do it for foreigners. In the end I flew to HK and applied for the work visa. This was in 2019.


I’ll just fly to HK to apply then while on a visa exclusion

Not sure if I trust mailing my passport around internationally, may end up being stuck in TW for years if it gets lost in the mail

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I have done it twice for visitor visa to China, but that was before 2019, so maybe regulations changed.


Brutal quaratine on arrival rules may still be in place.

If I were you, I’d consider alternatives such as Singapore.


I remember discussions about opening consular offices (sort of broader Straits Exchange Foundations) back during the Ma administration, but I guess it was dropped after 2016.

It is still not possible to directly apply for a visa to enter the PRC from Taiwan, unless you go the intermediary route like @11173 wrote. It is quite common for visa applications to be done through proxies, actually, especially when embassies are far away from where one lives. Let’s say that you are a German citizen, you would send your passport to an agency in Germany that would do the application on your behalf and then send the passport with the visa sticked inside back to you.

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Guys, he’s asking about applying for an entrepreneurial visa to enter Hong Kong. Not to enter China.

True. However, if the visa needs to be applied for at a Chinese Embassy, the procedure would be the same as for a (Mainland) PRC visa. My understanding, at least.

It’s all very weird. Fly into HK and do seven days quarantine and then try and apply for a visa for HK then fly back here for more quarantine?