Is it fashionable?

I’m so out of the loop lately, so I’ll ask this question here. I bought some adidas sandals recently, but the soles of em at kinda weird. They have these soft rubber bumps on them and after awhile of walking in them they start to hurt my feet. Now my question is, is it fashionable to wear socks with these kind of sandals, and if so does it matter which color my socks are? I like they shoes and FINALLY found a pair that feet my huge feet, so I wanta keep em…but I wanta look good too…ya know? Below are some pics of the sandals…let me know.

Hmm… interesting question Frost.

I have a feeling that you may get different asnwers depending on whether your respondents are European.

By the way – Did you buy those in Taiwan? I’ve been looking for some like that for a while now (although now that I hear they are foot-hurters I suppose I may reconsider)…

I did buy them in Taiwan…and yes they do hurt my feet without socks. If you don’t wear socks you have these imprints on the bottom of your feet in the shape of those rubber balls.

Do YOU like the way they look?

Who cares what other people think? They’re your feet.

You’d look swish - socks or not. Make sure you wear a suit to finish them off properly.
It’s all about cool.

Pants and sandles with BLACK socks would be OK. Shorts and sandles with any kind of socks will make you look like a git. If you are not going to wear socks though you will want to trim those toe nails and shave off the hair on your toes. Give the old feet a spritz of deodorant and away you go.

Unless you’re going to the beach those aren’t fashionable for anything. But you’re married, aren’t you, so I guess it’s OK.

Are those your swimming pool sandals? Cuz that’s what they’re for…swimming pool or to the beach.

I wear socks with my sandals all the time, though normally with long pants. When I wear shorts, I usually don’t wear socks. And despite what GQ bob :wink: states above, I wear all different colors of socks with my sandals, including Dancing Bears and Dancing Skeletons and also Donald Duck.

I agree with Chris and couldn’t care less what ANYONE thinks about my choice of apparel.

Yes but Tiger you have that suave debonair thing going on that allows you to get away with just about anything. The rest of us have to be more careful…

On a related note I just bought a pair of those baggy surfer shorts that have a tendency to drift downward a tad. My question is this - At what age does it become unfashionable to walk around with the crack of your ass showing?

Agree completely. If you want fashionable summer foorwear ot wear around town check out Kenneth Cole in Breeze centre.

At any age. Unless of course you look like this.

This ain’t ass, but these pants are DEFINTELY too low. Perhaps they know mordeth’s girlfriend’s hot sisters. Apologies if this is overboard. :noway:

Oh. I thought it was a confident, optimistic indifference that I had going for me… :slight_smile:

Oh. I thought it was a confident, optimistic indifference that I had going for me… :slight_smile:[/quote]

Is that almost the same as being a sketipcal optimist? :slight_smile:

At any age. Unless of course you look like this.

Oh please, my ass is way nicer that that! Geez…

haha, it is definitely NOT fashionable to wear socks with your sandals. you will just look like a foreign mental patient.

the bumps on your sandals are meant to have some sort of theraputic effect, stimulating your nerve endings etc. apparently, your feet hurts loads because you are full of toxins. stimulating nerve endings on your feet help to cleanse your body etc.

so basically, weart hem until your feet stop hurting.
ont he other hand. i might be completely wrong and those sandals are crappy.

Who cares?

And that would be a bad thing?

Who cares?[/quote]

I don’t think it’s so much that Frost cares for reasons of personal vanity. My impression is that he just feels a sense of obligation, as “Moderator of Looooooovvvve” to keep up a sense of style for the sake of his many fans and followers.

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