Is it possible to do a 1.5 hour visa run at Naha Airport (OKA)?

Thanks. I’m from USA, and my wife is from Canada.

Looking at the flights I’m kinda tempted to jump on one to Okinawa now :rofl:

Is it possible to just skip the plane ride for a visa run? That is, go through the Taiwan immigration exit at the airport to get to the departure gates, and then find your way to re-enter immigration to enter Taiwan? Does that count for resetting your visa free duration?

I don’t think so.

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Thanks. I’m really getting nervous doing this trip. I really hope it won’t be an issue to get back in.

you will have an issue

Some of forumosans may have a meet up on the plane today.


I can’t believe they’re not being offered a visa extension. This is truly nuts.

As a poster said earlier, perhaps the authorities are betting on them not being able to get back in. At some point we’re going to have people stuck in airports as countries refuse to accept them.

Tom Hanks has coronavirus.
Tom Hanks starred in The Terminal.

I see a crossover movie series here.

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Arrivals and departures are on different floors and there is a checkpoint between. Someone trying to pass the checkpoint from departures to arrivals will get a lot of attention. No common reason for anyone but staff.

The plane might not depart without you, will have to report, people will be searching…

Guys check FB Foreigner in Taiwan groups. They are making noise about this. I bet if like 10 of you get together and go to NIA/BOCA together, you will get extensions based on force majeure.

Biggus is in no need of an extension.

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Yes, you don´t, but you are also recommending people to get an extension. That is the logical and safest way.

Guys, BOCA is now telling people to bite the bullet and pay the fine and stay, don´t travel. That is a possibility but not a pretty one,a s you could be banned altogether when this is over. So gang up, get together, make noise. Ask politely but firmly. They did this for 911.

The people who want to come in must prove they have a reason to, like business or something, so prepare paperwork. And hurry. Things are changing rapidly.

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What kinda extensions are being denied?
I am from UK so I should be able to get an extension for 3 months, will that be denied too?

UK has special deal with Taiwan, so I guess not.

Well I hope not cos I only have 3 weeks left lol

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Same… Well. 2 weeks. I’m goin there now to apply for the extention

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Wow, all non-nationals are prohibited from entering? What about those with ARC/APRCs?

Was heading to the airport right now for OKA same-day-return today but going back home now. Do not want to be stranded at TPE tonight. My visa extempt is good until April 6th, hope they figure something out until then.

I hope you have some good news for us.