Is it possible to seek asylum in Taiwan

Parents were academics so I saw protests against him at U of Q.

He did develop the Gold Coast, opened Queensland to Asian investment, etc. And had the red cap far before Trump did! :joy:

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Brings back memories of Mike Gore and the white shoe brigade. I can still hear the Sanctuary Cove jingle in my head.

taiwan is a free country, hell of politicians can throw chairs, crackers and pig guts at each other and imsult each other onthe media them its pretty damn free.

to maybe answer some other posts here, the thing is Australian doesnt even need a lockdown, hell there isnt even a pandemic here only a scamdemic.Australians are usually pretty healthy people as our food safety here is probably the best on earth and we have little to no pollution.

Obviously some places like Taiwan i surpose some restrictions here and there may be “acceptable ish” due to the fact that the risk of people being a bit unhealthy is higher because of the bad air and not so great food safety (still rather those things than dictatorship though).

Did it ever occur to you to wonder why there isn’t a pandemic in Australia?
And food safety and little pollution? I don’t think the virus cares.

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That’d require elementary counterfactual thinking along the lines of “If kangaroos didn’t have tails, they would topple over.” You seem to be forgetting he’s an Australian.

Speaking of roos, I’d choose pollution and unsafe food over a country where you can’t hold a little athletics long jump event in mating season without it turning to tragedy

This story caught my eye recently, an Irish politician who thinks that covid restrictions are like the Holocaust.

Every animal in Australia is trying to kill you. Either eat you or with venom.

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Yes. Never hug a koala.

As you know, Australia is a totalitarian dictatorship. Dozens, even hundreds of people are massacred by marsupials or ravished by reptiles every day, but the government hides these deaths using euphemisms like “road accident” or “Covid” or “heart attack” (yeah, like the healthy 28 year woman who had her thorax ripped open by a koala)

The worst is the thylacine attacks

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You ever wonder those Layah spider in Taiwan (huntsman spider) is called clock spider in Australia?

Because they’re the size of clocks.

This discussion made me think of this epic clip


Isn’t it cos when u see one you know your time’s up?

Actually huntsman spiders aren’t so bad if you treat them courteously. Sit down and have a few shots of Jaegermeister with it. Talk about flies.

That’s all staged, mate. Propaganda from the Oz dictatorship trying to show marsupials aren’t so dangerous. If it were a real roo, the man would’ve been just one more eviscerated corpse before he was even out of the car


Just a ploy to get the proles on the trains, or possibly even on the boats, or maybe even into boat costumes. Probably forced to consume Finn’s sports drinks too

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The Australian government takes a dim view of boat fetishists:


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This is why

What a handsome fellow. Reminds me of me, just with 3 extra limbs.

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Cursed with a large nose eh

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Five fins…