Is Steve Irwin really Michael Jackson?

Ever notice that the two of them never appear together anywhere at the same time? But, now that Michael’s under fire for molestation, wouldn’t it make sense for him to pose as a rugged Australian crocodile hunter? Notice the resemblence:

Crikey! Old Steve sure knows the best way to dispose of soiled nappies.

MJ is a sick fuck. Look at how he’s holding that baby with the towel over its head!
At least crocky Steve has a firm grip.

Parents putting their children is danger ? That would never happen here.

[Insert picture of family of 5 on scooter with the kids not wearing helmets]

It’s hard to judge this one. I don’t agree with Steve doing it for entertainment but at the same time he seemed to be in complete command of the situation.

[quote=“Alien”]MJ is a sick fuck. Look at how he’s holding that baby with the towel over its head!
At least crocky Steve has a firm grip.[/quote]

Maybe you could introduce MJ to “Big Red.” He wouldn’t invite children to Never-Neverland, if he was satisfying his urges with that old-dinosaur of a tool. :laughing:

He seemed to be in control until the croc decided that Steve might be tastier than the meat. I would love to see that guy lose an arm or something. If you play with fire you’ll get burned.

Steve Irwin is an idiot-quite besides placing his own child within a meter of a crocs mouth. Just listen to him crap on with his own self agrandisement. It’s a pity the Croc didn’t take him and the kid.

Pursuing and harassing animals just to get ratings is just plain pathetic. Steve Irwin is definitely long overdue to be lizard food. Crikey!

He is very annoying, and he never does nice animals like bunny rabbits or pussy cats, only horrible crocodiles and snakes :x

I was at Australia Zoo last week and as part of the show Steve Irwin’s 3-year-old daughter swims in the croc pool while Steve himself pretends to be a shark that chases her then bites her leg off while she thrashes around and screams. I thought it was a bit sick, but the crowd loved it!

And while dangling babies in front of salties might be MAD, they’re not the only dangerous animals there - one of the Indian elephants tried to grab my friend’s 4-month-old baby with its trunk - again, the crowd roared.

Australia Zoo might be the new Colosseum, but the trainers don’t put their heads in the croc’s mouths like they do in Thailand - Steve Irwin is a wuss! :wink:

I bet Terry beat the shit out of him when they turned the cameras off. :smiling_imp:

This is Australia cobber, where everything that moves is poisonous and wants to eat you. Gotta get the littlies use to it.


I wish someone with expertise in crocodile behavior etc. would comment on this. Really. It’s just possible that the kid really WAS safe. (A jury of his peers?)

I read an article today by a friend of mine who owns a crocodile enclosure in Ballarat. He said he liked Irwin personally and was very good friends with Irwin’s father, but he thought it was a pretty stupid thing to do.

He said the thick glass window surrounding their enclosure had been replaced a few times with crocs smashing the glass trying to get to the kids on the other side during the viewing sessions.

Now that’s what I call a performance! He said that crocs are far more likely to attack children as they see them as easy targets. Anybody who’s watched 10 minutes of Discovery Channel could tell you that much.

Crocs are wild unpredictable, skilled hunters. Steve Irwin is an irrepressible, maniacal show off. Yet in the end it will probably only add to the somewhat weird fascination people have with him.


Terry probably did, she is an oregonian after all and we raise our gals to beat the crap out of our guys who step out of line :wink:

I like the fellow. Though he got carried away and did something rather foolish in this instance, I’m sure he realizes that and regrets it enormously – but aren’t people rather over-reacting with their near-hysterical denunciations of him? Anyway, I’ll bet his kids have a wonderfully colourful, exciting and stimulating childhood, and will grow up to be really interesting, outgoing, adventurous adults.

Not if they end up in a croc’s belly…

I think the man is so used to the danger that he has assessed the risk to be very low. It is in a way similar to the scooter riders mentioned above. I would assume they don’t want their kids to die, but they’re so used to the risk of falling off that they think it doesn’t exist. Back home a top helmet and full leathers is considered normal for riding a bike. Here, locals and foreigners alike consider it overkill, and for years I rode a bike here with no lid at all. I don’t think Steve Irwin is an idiot, he’s just inured to the danger.

Give or take a few appendages…


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