Is the yang 羊 in food dishes goat or sheep meat?

I assume it’s goat (山羊) but maybe it’s mutton (綿羊)? I honestly have never known for sure.


I’m pretty sure it’s goat.

Goat! Yuck!

The :tent: is wrong with goat?

That meat will probably be mutton, especially at that price.
I got some legit goat at the market a while ago and it was hella pricey, probably because they’re really only kept for milking here.


That is one dodgy looking sign. Mystery meat if you ask me.

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Sorry, lost track of where I was

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goat. mutton? Just realized mutton only means goat meat in some places, namely India.

I don’t know how it is in Taiwanese cooking, but goat meat in Mexican food is so good :drooling_face:


Mutton is adult sheep meat, including in India.

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In Taiwan the sheep look a lot like goats. So I’m perpetually confused myself.

Aren’t they kind of on the same spectrum?

In India so-called ‘mutton’ dishes are usually made with goat meat .

I stand corrected, please forgive me. :notworthy:

Goat is awesome, bud. Not sure what makes sheep palatable to you, and yet goat is “yuck”? :thinking:

No mind, as my Indian friends would say. I thought it meant sheep meat in India just like how it is in England as well.

Though, when I visited relatives in Australia, I never hear the word mutton. They always called it lamb.

It’s even more complicated than that.
True fact:
In WWII, Commonwealth forces had tinned mutton provided in the field a LOT. Cold cooked mutton is :tent: HORRID, greasy and gamey and nasty as :tent:.
So all these British and Anzac and Canadian (like my Grandpa) soldiers came home swearing they’d never touch it again.
So even though these are all places where sheep are raised like crazy, nobody eats sheep older than a year.
When I was growing up, we ate lamb like mad fools (to this day, the first home cooked meal I request from my sisters when I go back is a leg of lamb, I shit thee not), but you couldn’t even say “mutton” out loud.

Goat, most westerners think of it as a gross 3rd world-only offering (see whatisname’s post above), but it’s really good. Tasty, healthy, and more environmentally friendly than just about any other red or white meat.
:+1: :yum:


I swear to (deleted) I wasn’t trying to do that, honestly. You should get some kind of a (deleted)in bot or macro that pops up while you’re (deleted)in typing and says, like, “None of that language in here, sunshine! :no_no:” or some (deleted)ing thing.

I heard some lamb places are a front for dog meat…

You know sheep that barks.

There was a shop in Kaoshung a while back who sold lamb soup… except they tested the meat and it was dog.

There’s even a Chinese expression about advertising lamb meat but selling dogs…

It’s mostly old goat, the ones that are not productive any more for milking.

The lamb stage?

Oo, literature reference! I guess the same for WWI as well? If so, that may explain why the trolls in The Hobbit keep complaining about all the mutton they have to eat. I’ve never quite understood why trolls, surely not the pickiest of creatures, were so averse to eating sheep.

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