Is there anyone who shops at Kaohsiung Costco in this forum?

Continuing the discussion from Costco Thread 2019:

  • Yes, I use KHH Costco.
  • No.

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It’s hard enough to understand this without the typos. What is a KHH Costco? How do you “use” a Costco? Where is “here”?

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How is the current title?

I would have said “shops” instead of “does shopping”, but I understand it now :smiley:

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Why is Kaohsiung KHH?


@tando are they considerably different from tpe/tsa or rmq costcos?

I don’t know.

well this discussion isn’t going anywhere. though it would be nice if costco had some kind of local diversity but i guess they’re too big for that. px mart or wellcome would be more suited for that.

This thread is for @whatswiththeyams, who has wanted to know if KHH costso sells pumpkin pie now.

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Costco Hsinchu sells pumpkin pies these days, at least sometimes.

I don’t myself. @Brianjones do you?

Nooooooo I don’t.

Ah. My bad

So there are others!

Who can we bother to get to the bottom of this mystery

@KHHville @DrewC

Although the poll might be more accurate to my desires if we split it into “yes, north Costco near K-Arena” and “Yes, south Costco near Ikea” and “Yes, both Costco’s” since I already know south costco has fascist overtones doesn’t have them.

Do you know whether KHH Costcos sell pumpkin pies now?

  • Yes, I know. They do sell pumpkin pies now.
  • Yes, I know. They don’t sell pumpkin pies now.
  • No, I don’t know.

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Dang, just came up to Hsinchu in preparation to head back to the States, but live just down the road from the northern KH Costco.

We were there last week (maybe Monday-Tuesday?) and I don’t remember seeing any pumpkin pies left. There were some the week of Thanksgiving though so they may bring them back for Christmas


Did someone call?

Unfortunately, my Twnese bro-in-law has the CostCo card.
Yes, I have been to the one near K-Arena, but not since a few months ago.
With that in mind, I will promote 龍華公有市場, just a skip and a jump north of the store.
A great place to get cheap meals, drinks, 豆花, etc.


Only for the cheese…and nuts that arent sprinkled with salt/sugar and maggot infested. I make a 250km trip one way kust for those 2 things.

Oh ya, and to see the mother in law…

Now that i think about it, our local pumpkins really arent great for pies…

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I haven’t got a Costco card while in Taiwan. I don’t think the amount of things I would buy in the supermarket would save me the cost of the card.
That and all the stores of Grannies gargling with bags of onions, while fighting off hoards of people with cages of toilet paper, on some gladiatorial quest for free samples.

I’ll just stick to carrefour online :slight_smile:

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