Is there something against kissing in public?

Is there something wrong with showing a bit of affection to your wife, with a gentle kiss? Because when ever I kiss my wife, either on the cheek or lips, I always get either stares from the Taiwanese & young Taiwanese whistling or yelling woo, woo (something like that sound). I even had one old Taiwanese guy say “young man this is a public place” (I didn’t understand what he said, but my wife translated what he said). What the hell type of remark is that? has anyone had similiar experiences? Should I refrane from showing love to my wife?


Personally cannot stand this prudish attitude of some people to public kissing.

I am all for people being nice to each other, especially in public!

Sod cultural sensitivity - its all a lot of rot, anyway.

keep up the good work and if anyone has a problem, tell 'em to $#@^&% off.

Hardly see it here (Asians are rather shy in this regards) but at least it’s not forbidden by law like in some other countries I have been to.

Seen a few (very few) local couples doing so however …

of course there’s nothing wrong with it! taiwanese just show their affection differently. they shout at the top of their lungs (often in taiyu) and ocassionally even progress to publicly smacking and slapping :shock: each other.

seriously tho, if you happen to be in a park, or even at one of the big memorials, around sunset there are lots of couples sitting on (out of the way) benches perpetrating all kinds of (scandalous) acts of PDA on each other.

at least, i think that’s what they’re doing. hubba hubba

I’ve seen Taiwanese teenagers hugging or kissing at bus stops a few times, but I’ve never heard people passing by utter any sound about that. Most people just give them one (or a few) more looks. So are you sure you and your wife just kiss on the cheeks, in public places? Nothing like the kind in Vidal Sassoon shampoo’s TV commercial? :laughing:

I’ve never noticed if people look at us funny when my husband and I kiss eachother goodbye (no tongue out in public or in front of the kids), but I have noticed that he won’t kiss me goodbye at his workplace which never bothered him before. :unamused: His family is used to it by now and no one’s ever said anything other than how nice they think it is.


what’s weird is i was talking to some korean girls who were commenting on how taiwanese youngsters are way too affectionate in public. like how they sometimes sit next to each other at a table in the restaurant instead of across from each other. and public hand-holding/snuggling. i got the impression that public displays of affection were even rarer in korea.

i guess there’s less pda here than in the us, but i see plenty still. i even saw 2 guys in a lip lock in the middle of the street one night(like they were crossing the street and then stopped in the middle to make out). pretty ballsy considering local attitudes toward homosexuality.

Excuse my ignorance, but what’s “pda”?

pda = “public display of affection”

Just as a matter of interest Kubrick, as the reactions you’re getting in public seem unusual, maybe you should clarify exactly what cheek or lips you’re kissing in public…This will either leave everyone here as puzzled as they are now or bring instant understanding.

You get used to it after some time. Some local males might see you kissing/holding your wife in public as an insult to their race.

it’s an asia thing. most couples do not show affection in asian countries like Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Vietnam, Thailand, China, Singapore, etc…

Confucius confusion maybe. But under the sheets they get it on. Look at Chu Mei-fung or whatever that VCD sex goddess is called.

BUT … more and more … young couples in Taipei and elsewhere are holding hands in public, arms around each other, even kissing and snuggling. Nobody says a thing, must be influence of Hollywood and HBO. And magazines and videos.

The fact that some people here don’t like to see foreigners kissing their Taiwanese boyfriends, girlfriends, wives husbands is because of the foreigner thing. They will get over it eventually, but give it time. Like 100 more years of international marriages and romance.

BUT … and here’s the rub … no pun intended … keep kissing her everywhere in public! The more you do it, and the more other couples do it, and the more local Taiwan couples do it, the better this society will be. YES, PDA is cool and lovely. The French are wonderful at this. I would love to live there with my taiwan girlfriend someday. A year in paris! Wow. I mean, in France , you can walk down the street naked and nobody even pays attention. Public kissing is de rigeur or however the Frogs spell it.

Kiss away, chattering classes! Kiss away! It’s good for Taiwan, and it’s good for love. Just don’t get caught effing in 228 Park…

speaking of which: anyone ever do it in public places, i mean the big F? Probably not on this island, but overseas? Like mile high clubs and cruise ships and parks in germany or France? Be polite when you describe it, little kids are watching this channel too you know. Just use euphemisms, such as … “_____________”

In order to respect and protect little kids as formosa suggested,…

ok, I’ve never “" in public places. Wouldn’t it be dangereous "” in pulic places? What if I get caught? I certainly don’t want to wake up in the morning only to find out myself as a leading actress in a best selling VCD. But if I’m in a remote and secluded island or beach (overseas, I mean, overseas!!), and it’s dark, then maybe “_____________” wouldn’t be a bad idea!!

I love to kiss in public. I climb up on top of the one I’m kissing and grind my crotch into theirs, all the while holding their head back and shoving my tongue down their throat. Sometimes I get carried away and have to put my hands all over their bodies, and kiss them down their necks, to their chests, and on down their bodies.
When old Taiwanese people watch, it turns me on even more and I get hotter and more passionate.
I can’t help my exhibitionist tendencies. If only I lived in a place where fondling and caressing and deep throat kissing in public were acceptable.

I did Formosa. In college these three girls moved in next door to me. One day I walked past their house when they were out front washing their car. They were spraying each other with the hose and playing in the soap bubbles, and the luscious ____ of Samantha’s voluptuous _____ were clearly visible through her clothes. As for Vivien, her clothes were so tight and wet that when she leaned over to polish the hubcaps, her _____ practically cried out for attention. Meanwhile, Bridget grabbed the chamois, and asked if I wanted her to polish my _____. I needed to go home and work on my thesis, but before I could say no, Bridget shoved her pert little ____ in my face, grabbed my _____, and began to rub her ____ on my _____ while shoving her _____ down my _____. Meanwhile, the others tore off their clothes revealing Samantha’s curvaceous _____ and Vivien’s tight little ____. Before I knew it we were rolling in the soap bubbles, one big pile of _____, _____ and ______. I never did finish my thesis and that’s why I’m here in Taiwan dreaming of _____, but at least I have my memories.

We spent a summer in southern Thailand a few years back. In addition to my family, there were a lot of Taiwanese coming and going in the general area, and living in the hotels/hostels for a few days or a week. Many of the male-female couples were not married, they were just friends. I was not always sure about the sleeping arrangements. For some groups I assume that the girls slept in one room, and the boys in another . . . .

But at any rate, my general impression was that the European guys there who were with local Thai girls were not doing a lot of PDA, but they were definitely banging their girlfriends all night every night. On the other hand, the Taiwanese men were being affectionate and attentive to their Taiwanese girlfriends, but most of the time they were not getting any physical favors in return.

I just offer this one example to show that the amount of PDA can sometimes be inversely proportional to the amount of real sexual contact, and may in fact just be showing that the male is frustrated in the relationship. (This is not a criticism of males. I would hope that the females would pay more attention to this matter. Perhaps we can have a seminar or something …)

My two NT$.

But if I’m in a remote and secluded island or beach (overseas, I mean, overseas!!), and it’s dark, then maybe “_____________” wouldn’t be a bad idea!!

Not sure why it has to be dark, but Sex on the Beach is my favorite … drink. :laughing: :wink:

Interesting thought, Richard. However PDA isn’t that normal here, implying that Taiwanese men are banging their wives senseless every night?
:laughing: :laughing:

Do people spoon in public in the US? That would be sort of embarrassing to watch. Kissing in public is gross. There are some things that the unsuspecting bystander should not be subjected to.

What is spooning? :shock:
Sounds kinky.