Is Vaping Completely Banned in Taiwan Now?

24-32 for a pack of 20 of the cheap smokes in Sydney, was there in December last year for a week, stupidly forgot to bring a pack of mavius with me to the work dinner, so just caught a pack of horizon purples. $29, not the most expensive ones, also taste like garbage after smoking mavius original blue for so long. Always take a carton with me when I got back to aus now

I am in Singapore now and vaping is not only illegal to sell, but it is illegal to bring into the country, illegal to possess, and they crack down hard on offenders.

Is this what it will be like in Taiwan? I hope not as I quit smoking years ago in favor of vaping (which despite what some have said has about 5% of the health consequences as smoking) but when I moved to Singapore I started smoking again. I am moving to Taiwan in the summer and was really hoping that I could get back to a more healthy lifestyle.

It’s not common but there are still a few shops around. Not sure what they sell but nicotine is probably out. I see people vape but not much. More around western hotel smoking areas. Laws are mostly against but don’t know details or status.


Are passengers allowed to bring electronic cigarette into Taiwan?

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That’s just insane. Let’s push people to use a product with 70 known carcinogens rather than a product with 3 ingredients, none of which cause cancer. I am not getting good news on Taiwan today.

Most people vaping and walking on the street hide the vape in their hand when walking. Funny!

It is. The guy at one store told me people here order from Taobao. Someone else told me there are secret links on some websites, but I forget if said that was Taiwanese or Chinese.

I haven’t seen people deliberately hiding it, but a lot of the smaller devices are palm sized. I’m not sure if that’s by design or for convenience.

Went to a vape shop to help a friend get a setup. We learned that vaping per se is not illegal, but selling the juice and the devices is forbidden. This was why they moved their shop up to second floor, which didnt seem to make much of a difference to me since we had found the place via Google Maps and then we saw the flashing LED sign on the building announcing the shop.

Later that night, I went to meet my friend who I had helped and noticed someone vaping on the street right outside a FamilyMart. My friend said there were 3 more just outside the Brass Monkey, where he had gone for salsa night.

Great, now I know how to open an illegal business. Just put it on the second floor and no one will know.

It reminds me of that brothel where they found some of the Vietnamese desaparecidos which everyone knew was a brothel but the police, even when they tried, had trouble finding any information about it because it was full of hidden doors, sliding walls, and winding corridors. all above a famous shark fin soup restaurant.

Well, that customs guidance is pretty clear.

Rules are in place to be bend.

So there is some hope. Excellent.

I’m not sure why anyone would really need to vape outside unless they have one of those super-charged fog machine set ups which expel a Led Zeppelin amount of fruity vape every puff.

Because vaping is worse then smoking and smoking is not allowed inside.

The only way vaping is worse than smoking is that there’s no change a cigarette will blow up in your face…well, unless you get an exploding cigar or something.

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Worse in what way? There are no carcinogens, and I am unaware of any claims of the dangers of second hand vaping.

Reality hits!
‘An exploding vape killed a 24-year-old man named William Brown in Texas last week, CBS DFW reports — highlighting the ongoing lack of safety standards for electronic cigarettes.’

Nicotine poisoning!

Vaping is less harmful than cigarette smoking.
Vaping is far less stinky and annoying to non-smokers than cigarette smoking.
Vaping helps people quit cigarette smoking.


Don’t be a moron. The Royal College of Physicians has stated that vaping is 95% healthier than smoking!

Dont be a dimwit, nicotine is nicotine. And how much “healthier” depends on the the juice. It’s like saying oxycotine is healthier healthier than heroin.