Is Vaping Completely Banned in Taiwan Now?

Vape machines arent illegal due to weed. Its about taxes and monopolies. See ttl. See their full name. It was only recently craft beer was allowed…follow the money, as they say.

Making vaping illegal whilst allowing wrapped raw tobacco is just cute.

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Good opportunity for someone to team up with TTL and become exclusive vape supplier. Probably why this is happening.

It’s not only vaping, it’s ‘heated’ tobacco products too.

What the actual p huck? Heated tobacco products haha! Eg. Cigarettes and cigars? Should we ban lighters? If ttl has an issue ahould we make vape pens useful for essential oils so they can claim said multi use claims as the match and lighter lobbies do?

This is so retarded.

I guess tobaccoo chews should be more welcomed based on that logic. At least they arent outright banned.

They are not available in Taiwan (banned) but people get them from Japan. The look like tiny cigarettes and are heated in something that looks a bit like a vape.

How about full-sized units?

Those are old and absolutely intended for weed. They have been around for nearly 20 years. Clumsy and require plug in, completely different ballgame. But at the same time, should not be banned.

I can agree with banning public smoking. Of anything. This should include garbage, ghost money, god money and everything else. Regardless of thc or cbd contents. They are missing the point completely!

I can agree with having those nasty warnings of disease on commercial products with tobacco.

I can agree with not using cartoons andsuch to attract kids to tobacco use. Or ghost/god money use to be honest.

I can agree to make private businesses that cater to the public to be smoke free (restaraunts and bars as examples)

I can agree to national health insurance cutting coverage to smokers (or alcoholics, drug users and the like)

I cant agree with limiting the freedom to use something in ones home if they make the social contract that said actions may void governemnt services. This is the last line people ought to care deeply about, that slope isnt slippery, its 90 degrees.