ISO NOS Taiwan Beer-made “Sex on the Beach”

So I left Taiwan in May and just returned this month to discover that Taiwan Beer has, sadly, discontinued making my all-time-favorite alcoholic drink, “Sex on the Beach.” If anyone knows where I can find some NOS, please get in touch. Thanks!

Try going to Taiwan Beer convenience store on BaDe Rd just north of Civil Boulevard and Kwang Hua PC market. It"s at the brewery.
The store carries many of Taiwan Beer products, and if not you can show them the picture and ask if it’s discontinued.

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I rather prefer to have a good beer and have sex on the beach.



Can ask Carrefour if and when they will bring it back.


Their Facebook rep already told me it’s been discontinued, but thanks for the suggestion. I will call the store to see if they have any left over maybe.

I did. They didn’t know.

I know somebody who works at a local Taiwan Beer brewery. I will ask them.

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I doubt that, natural fermentation never reaches 10%.

Thank you. That would be awesome!

They add sugar and other things to increase the alcohol levels

some beers are insane

Have you heard of wine…or Belgian beers? I think the limit is a fair bit higher than 10%, depending on the yeast.

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The really high alcohol beers are frozen, the ice removed and the cycle repeated until insane high alcohol levels. Yeasts die at alcohol above 14-15%.

Lager (pils) beers are brewed and fermented up to 8-9%, than diluted to 4-5.5%. You can brew more/faster beer this way.

Not for natural fermentation, this goes barely to 4-5%. They add yeast and sugar to get it higher.

You seem to be using a different definition of “natural” there? Of course yeast and sugar are added.

Natural is in Belgium the spontaneous natural fermentation. Other fermentation is not natural but induced by added yeast.

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I would read the “100% naturally fermented” in the ad as referring to fermentation by yeast being a natural process. There’s nothing in the picture that makes me think this is a 100% organic, vegan, additive-, preservative-, and cruelty-free product…


Ah, yep it seems a difference in definition or understanding here. Pretty sure TTL only means “we didn’t add Ethanol”. I wouldn’t trust natural spontaneous fermentation in TTL Taiwan anyway :rofl: :beers:

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Did you ever see ‘unnatural’ fermentation?

In Belgium we have some blended beers that have three or four ‘fermentations’, very complex beers.

Yes. I would interpret that as using GM yeasts or something, not as something that’s just had baker’s yeast or brewer’s yeast or whatever added. Is bread “unnatural”?

In any case, I think “naturally” here is just a marketing term, as is often the case, but I think it’s fine in the context of fermentation being a natural process.

Sourdough is as natural as you can get. And I found a new sourdough bakery in Neihu.