Japanese-English drink Ribena

much more a vegemite guy, marmite I find it a bit gross for the slimy consistency… THE MITE is BETTER haha


Nice ad ! It shows they use fruits from NZ.

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Your a Aussie? Seems depends from where your from if you like any version it at all! (New Zealand has a different one I hear??)

I’m Italian haha. But got a lot of exposure to Aussies in HK, so got used to Vegemite.


Nice, an Italian that likes Vegemite ! I prefer Espressos and a creamy gnocchi meal , yet to find a good gnocchi meal in Taiwan. For sure I like Ribena better than Marmite but still can use it on bread with lots of butter. .

La Mole in Taipei makes awesome gnocchi with cheese sauce and walnuts.

Coffees are actually quite good here.


Ribena I borught back with New Years left over food.


Suntory. The Dutch love this and call it cassis. They also love liquorice.

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Love Ribena.
Suntory company that sells alcohol that will eventually make you ill :face_with_thermometer: however they also sell lots of tablets that supposedly make you well and able to run up stairs like a teenager.

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What tablet are you thinking of?

I was making fun of the Suntory health product adverts on Taiwan TV.

Suntory health products,

Adding Cassis to a trappist beer in Belgium is also a thing?

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Also good!