Japanese Governor of Taiwan Award

How do you think he would feel about his surviving brother becoming a leader of the Chinese? From that perspectives his death seems to be in vain fighting for the Japanese.

The question his how wise is LTH move given that all of Asia condemns Japan for not owing up the their WWII aggressions. Even South Korea would not use Japan’s war shrine as vehicle to needle the PRC with.

Following that logic should CSB use Mandarin in public speeches on Taiwan. As a courtesy to Taiwan’s host, ROC.

So was Lien Chan visit to the PRC. Which actually produce palatable results for the ROC. I don’t see TI supporter’s views on this board giving Lien Chan any leeway.

Blame the US for that. I was in the USA at the height of Japan bashing. Where is was a common occurance to kill Japanese or people that look Japanese on US soil. Just a product of my environment.

With LTH appeasement stance, no wonder Japan is so willing to confiscate ROC dorms in Japan and Diaoyutai fishing rights from ROC citizens.

Hold whatever beliefs about the KMT. But I assure they never let the CCP take anything from ROC citizens without a fight.

[quote=“Huang Guang Chen”]Do you like cheese?


Preferably a better choice will be sushi and the Japanese porn girls. You can have your cheese.

You know, this wouldn’t be a problem in a multi-ethnic, racially tolerant society.

People like AC Dropout remind me of people in the U.S. who said that Kennedy would be taking orders from Rome because he was Catholic…nearly 50 years ago, in 1960.

I guess a lot of Taiwanese still haven’t accepted a man of half-Japanese heritage as a legitimate President, because of his ethnicity. I understand. A lot of Americans wouldn’t accept a black or Jew as President, either.

Still playing the race card, I see. Must get tiresome.

You have any proof that this man was half Chinese? :laughing:

oh…that’s deep. Because Kennedy was like so piously Catholic. If you are grasping a straws trying to make my profile, just admit that you have no idea what my perspective is, and just inquire me directly. Instead of making very poor parallels to American politics.

If the irony of my comments escapes you, I’m poking fun of the “Love Taiwan” mantra of TI. So now one of the most prominent leaders of TI is loving Taiwan so much that he feels to need to visit his dead brother at a war shrine. More irony is that is because Japan lost the war that a BSR like LTH had a chance of ruling a democratic Taiwan. Of course the greatest irony is that Japan is actively taking away ROC territory, and this guy states in Japanese, “Taiwan and Japan are one body.”

So of course to an outside observer one can question what is the ultimate goal of this TI leader. A really autonomous Taiwan State, or a State under Japan.

So where is the Taiwanese dignity in all that. 50 years of freedom to become 2nd class Japanese citizens again.

It is almost as humorous as declaring Taiwan a US territory.

As for diversity tolerance, the Chinese identity is infinitely more successful than the Japanese identity and Taiwanese identity at absorbing minority groups. LTH will never be accepted as a Taiwanese, LTH will never be accepted as a Japanese, LTH is accepted as a Chinese.

A misguided Chinese, but a Chinese none the less.

ac, it’s not like we are going to see a Abe-LTH forum on how to divide power…

Why even bother dividing. Japan has already encroached on Taiwan’s sovereignty and the administration has done nothing.

[quote=“mr_boogie”]Conspiracies with one of the biggest trading partner of Taiwan [/quote],
Any ill-intention conspiracy between Japan and DPP-TSU against the status quo or unification, will not be acceptable to the majority of Taiwanese.

PRC tourists to Taiwan will certainly be many times more if there is no restriction.

The anti-succession laws clearly spelt that it’ll not be used if the DPP regime doesn’t unilaterally change the status quo. The salient point is that PRC is not only serious but is willing to be bounded by rules on the condition that Taiwan does not misbehaves. It’s becoming routine that LTH alias CSB alias DPP will certainly poke some stupid words here and there, just to misled my fellow Taiwanese of their heroic deeds. But for what? Nothing except for their own selfish gain & ego.

When, where and how? Care to explain.

great, after ac, cctang now we have beebee :notworthy:

who’ll be the next one? :laughing:

AC, you missed the point. The only proof that you have that Lee wants to reunite Taiwan with Japan is that he is half-Japanese and not ashamed of his Japanese heritage. You are making insinuations based on his ethnicity.


Uhm, I don’t know where you’re getting this he is half-Japanese. Are you insinuating that LTH’s father is not Hakka, but was Japanese. Thus he is a bastard child born out of wed lock from his biological father.

Yes, his critic has been circulating that theory around for quite a bit. But until he’s dead and future investigators do a DNA study of his family. I guess we’ll never know for sure.

So why is my worldview drastically different than LTH when it comes to Japan’s mutal interest in Taiwan’s sovereignty, when we can only assume LTH is a pure Chinese Hakka.

Whatever the case my be. I don’t use my fluency in English to suggest that the sovereignty of ROC should ever be secondary to USA interest. I would never in public make bold statement to suggest ROC is any less than its allies. ROC and USA one body?

If it wasn’t for the ROC, the USA wouldn’t even have Chinese allies in the region nor Chinese language programs in the USA. USA would have been in the dark about China, as they are with the Middle East now.

Further on Hakka psychological behavior and track records

The list of high flyer hakkas and their ‘accomplishments’ ;

  1. Ne Win - The Hakka general who overthrown a democratic government of Burma. Extremely Anti-Chinese by forcing Chinese to leave Burma then. Until now, Myammar is still suffering without a light at the end of the tunnel.
  2. Ferdinand Marcos - Famous dictator. Overthrown due to corruption and political assassination. Anti-Chinese. Before Marcos ruled Philippines, the country was one of the richest nation in Asia.
  3. Thaksin Shinawatra - Overthrown due to corruption. On going conflict to the unity of Thailand.
  4. Lee Kuan Yew - Dictator. At least a better dictator but still a dictator. Openly side with U.S.
  5. Hong Xiuquan, a mystic ‘Christian’ hakka who inspired Taiping Rebellion, causing the 2nd bloodiest casualties in the whole history of mankind. When millions perished, Hong spent all his time savouring himself with women and wines.
  6. LTH and CSB - Double forked tongue politicians, causing grave disunity to Taiwan. Extremely Anti-Chinese. Willing to ‘sell’ Taiwan to any bidders for a final showdown with China.
  7. the list goes on…

Is Taiwan faring any better with the last 2 Hakka presidents when you analyse a final comparative reasoning.

The above list is not intended to offend my fellow Hakkas as what is written is purely coincidence of how history is revelled? The immerse contributions by the common Chinese Hakkas (as well as other Chinese groups) is no doubt highly praised.

let me ask some questions:

before LTH:

a) could you vote?
b) could you say anything bad against the KMT/president?
c) could you openly invest in China?
d) where you flying any faster to China?
e) where you getting any more tourists from China?

if those answers are all yes, than you can say they made a bad work. If not, I don’t know what to say…

And, as far as I know, being Pro-Taiwan isn’t the same as being Anti-Chinese. We still have people speaking Mandarin, using Chinese characters and learning Chinese History… Name me 10 erected laws by CSB that are Anti-Chinese…

CSB is not hakka. He’s minnan.

Doesn’t matter, he is a “whatever-you-want-to-call-him-today” that wants to destroy Taiwan by leading it the Japanese way… (and I thought Japan was the #1 country in Asia, far ahead of anyone else)…

Here is something that, of course, it is better to do the Chinese way:

  • Corruption - Chinese escape with millions to another country, Japanese they kill themselves (ouch, this would provoke an emptiness in Taiwanese politics)
  • Environment - Chinese break all records in terms of pollution levels, Japanese are the #1 in energy efficiency in the world
  • Technology - Chinese they rip off everyone else, Japanese they improve what everyone else has
  • Quality of life - Japanese created the best roads of Taipei, Chinese they did the best slumps.
  • Food - anyone wants fresh sushi from the Yangtze or the Tamshui?

(should I go on?)


Taipei - Taiwan’s ex-president Lee Teng-hui, who is visiting Japan, was criticized on Monday by opposition politicians and even his old friend back home for accepting a prize honouring a late Japanese colonial governor. [/quote]
Looks like LTH is getting flak from all sides now about this award.

Japan killed millions of Taiwanese in order to control Taiwan. The KMT killed billions of Taiwanese in order to control Taiwan.

Goto admitted to the killings as being neccessary to the advancement of Taiwan. LTH admits to nothing about 228 or white terror.

I fail to see why LTH deserves the award at this point.

Millions - billions - I did not know that there were billions of Taiwanese to start with?!?

The “close friend”, or leader of the Koo-Koo show is not one I would take too seriously.

I cannot believe you would deny that those historic event ever happened.

[quote=“mr_boogie”]before LTH:
a) could you vote?
b) could you say anything bad against the KMT/president?
c) could you openly invest in China?
d) where you flying any faster to China?
e) where you getting any more tourists from China?

if those answers are all yes, than you can say they made a bad work. If not, I don’t know what to say…

And, as far as I know, being Pro-Taiwan isn’t the same as being Anti-Chinese. We still have people speaking Mandarin, using Chinese characters and learning Chinese History… Name me 10 erected laws by CSB that are Anti-Chinese…[/quote]
a) Without CCK, there is no LTH. Without CCK lifting the martial laws and granted political parties to be formed, there is no democracy. LTH on both accounts failed as a communist as well as a leader to a pittance party. And the only party KMT that gave him the break, was almost destroyed by him. That man is a smelly rat.
b) How bad is bad?
c) Investment in China has nothing to do with LTH. LTH did not create globalisation. In fact he tried but failed to restrict further investment in China.
d) They have to fly via HongKong.
e) All PRC tourists are pressumed to be terrorists waiting to invade Taiwan. That’s sickening ala DPP style of government.

It’s thru words and deeds that tell us that the TIs (particularly Hakka Lee and Hakka Chen) are definitely anti-Chinese. You need only 10 erected laws. Don’t worry I will give you hundreds in due time.

Only you Mr He is not aware CSB is a hakka. Mark my word that if the next president is non-hakka, relationship with China will possibly improve manifold. Hakka are just special Chinese ethnic group with hugh percentage which is either extreme Chinese nationalism, or extreme anti Chinese.