Jeffrey Epstein, sex trafficking, and the rabbit hole gets bigger

It’s just how people talk, and a lot more simple than your theory on it. occam’s razor and all

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In what universe? Show me the evidence where Trump spent any time with Epstein, or made favorable comments, AFTER Epstein’s conviction in 2009?

That’s honestly how wealthy people talk when things about other wealthy people come up.

“Did you hear the Von Burans son got arrested for his second DUI?”

“So sad to hear, I wish him well”

Maxwell is from the same wealthy crowd. They all know each other but it doesn’t necessarily mean they all know each other’s business. Wealthy people all know each other but have a huge thing for privacy.

But it is weird trump is being polite and tactful. Not his usual MO. He doesn’t go after people he doesn’t perceive as his enemies, he’s rather polite to most people.


I just want to explain why you’re not seeing it correctly.

It’s an English article, from the CCP.
The intended audience is therefore Americans.
The article says, Biden is good for China.
Americans think, China not good! China bad.
Therefore, Biden good, for bad China, is bad.
Therefore, Trump good!

Think on it please. Because you may be unwittingly spreading CCP propaganda, and I know you don’t want that.

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Pointing out someone not doing something idiotic, is not a ringing endorsement.

Explain Trump’s 15 years of friendship with Epstein. He concluded he was a ‘terrific guy’. Sorry, but if you’re friends with someone like that for a much, much shorter period than that, you would know something is off with them. It’s laughable to assert someone like Trump could be so unaware.

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I thought you believed everything intelligence officials told you.

The disconnect is real that you actually think they’re faking support for Biden to help trump.

They paint China as good and a friend of the US while Trump being the one ruining the relationship. Biden is the friendly face that will re establish a friendly relationship. You clearly don’t get propaganda if you think they are willing to concede to anyone that China is anything but good.

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Point out the step in my logic that doesn’t make sense.

The part where they would concede to Americans that China is bad. They spent all their time painting China in a good light.

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What? Quote the line and I’ll explain.

In actual related news instead of @mups hairbrained theories around what “hello good day how are you” might possibly imply.

Bill Clinton is seen enjoying a neck massage from a Jeffrey Epstein victim in never-before-seen photographs obtained exclusively by Clinton sits comfortably and laughs as Chauntae Davies, then a 22-year-old massage therapist, rubs her hands into his shoulders

and this.

AUGUST 20, 2020 6:29AMby OK! Staff

Hillary Clinton is covering up ties to alleged sex trafficker Ghislaine Maxwell

OK! has exclusively learned Clinton, a former Presidential candidate and First Lady, hired Maxwell’s nephew, Alexander Djerassi , to work in her office at the State Department when she served as Secretary of State.

Alexander Djerassi, the son of Ghislaine’s sister Isabel Maxwell, was gifted a very powerful and prestigious position within her State Department and the US Government.


They spent all their time painting China in a good light. Why would they now alienate those readers by assuming they see China in a bad light?

Do you actually believe Chinese state media is conspiring to support trump by faking support for Biden? Sounds like Qanon conspiracy theory to me :wink:

I’m going to re-post it, and make it crystal clear.

It’s an English article, from the CCP.
The intended audience is therefore Americans.
The article says, Biden is good for China.

Americans think, China not good! China bad. (not by reading the article, this is what Americans think generally, regarding CCP gov’t).

Therefore, Biden good, for bad China, is bad news for America.
Therefore, Trump good!

Is what the CCP wants the audience to come out of it with.

This sounds like Qanon conspiracy theory.

They have readers that believe that China is good. The average American isn’t going to read the global times. How out there are you where they are giving a wink wink to all their readers that they are actually faking support for Biden to help Trump?

You’re trying awfully hard to troll, and insult here. I won’t complain, I’ll just bookmark it, then when I do it to you, you won’t have a leg to stand on. Sound good?

Who do you think the intended audience for the English Global Times is?
Who do you think CCP wants to target with English propaganda?
Their power rivals, Great Britain, or Canada, or New Zealand?

Best advice I can give, when you see a source that you know, and admit yourself to be propaganda, don’t post it.

My comments are not directed at you, rather your leaps of “logic”. Any comment on Hillary Clinton handing out State department jobs to Maxwell’s nephew?

Clintons do find themselves in and around a lot of people tied in with sex scandals. Did you know this one from when Hillary Clinton was at the State Department?

Anyway, good to see Ghislaine Maxwell behind bars and people being held accountable, even if the Clinton presidency and Obama Presidency didn’t seem to hold them to account.

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The amazing conspiracy theories you come up with because of your bias against Trump is sad.

The Global Times spend all their energy in painting China in a good light to their readers. Would would they now all of a sudden assume their readers see China in a bad light. Normal people can see they paint China as a friend and Trump ruined that friendship. Biden is the one to rekindle that bilateral friendship to them.

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Great, same for you next time I use the same line, you have advance warning now. :wink:

That must have been some debate team you captained, or something…

Well, can’t say I didn’t try. Keep posting CCP propaganda pieces if you like, not my rep.

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