Jeremy Lin destroys Kenyon Martin over comments on his dreadlocks

I thought this was pretty funny. Kenyon Martin was a former NBA player and said that Jeremy wants to be black with his dreadlocks this year.

Yet Jeremy pointed out Martin has tattoos in Chinese

“Its all good you don’t have to like my hair and are entitled to your opinion. Actually i legit grateful you sharing it tbh,” Lin wrote on Instagram. “At the end of the day i appreciate that i have dreads and you have Chinese tattoos bc i think its a sign of respect. And i think as minorities, the more we appreciate each others cultures, the more we influence mainstream society. Thanks for everything you did for the nets and hoops…had your poster up on my wall growin up.”



In before Lin is accused of being racist.

his reply sounded pretty eddy huangish.

i saw a taiwanese guy here a couple weeks ago with dreadlocks. didn’t look bad.

If he was the same guy I have seen before, not bad at all. :howyoudoin:

Same with Jeremy. :kissing_heart: he’s lovely, and his reply very measured.

Is it just me or can anyone else not understand what Kenyon Martins tattoo is saying?

It’s a standard chengyu. It means to be worried about not getting the things you want, and also worried about losing the things you have. Pretty weird to have it as a tattoo. In more colloquial terms it would be 得失心很重.

It equates to the ancient Greek-Australian saying: “a life lived in fear is a life half-lived”.

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This is what Martin said.
“Do I need to remind this damn boy his last name Lin?” Martin said (h/t Nets Daily). “Like, come on, man. Let’s stop it with these people. There is no way possible he would’ve made it on one of our teams with that bulls–t on his head. Come on man, somebody need to tell him, like, ‘alright bro, we get it. You wanna be black.’ Like, we get it. But your last name is Lin.’”

It’s funny because Kenyon Martin played in china for a year during the 2011 NBA lockout. I wonder if his team in china accepted his Chinese tattoos trying to be Chinese.

Total hypocrite. Lin’s reply was pretty classy considering. That said, dreadlocks look pretty silly on anyone who isn’t a practicing Rastafarian.

Tell that to Tana Umaga, the greatest rugby player what ever lived. sport_rugby_new_zealand_chr09d

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I’m obviously not going to say that to his face. I’d like to keep using my bones for a few more years.

Taiwanese with dreadlocks:

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Not a good look, although I do like the black leather blazer. One Taiwan winter and it’ll be covered with mold though.

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I actually think that many aboriginals in Taiwan would look pretty cool in locks.

But on another note. Dreadlocks or variations of it have been known to be part of many cultures around the world throughout history.

Wow, it’s kind of like a cross between dreadlocks and a mullet. Mulletlocks? Dreadmullet? All he needs now is a didgeridoo.


Well, it’s what happens naturally when people with curly hair don’t wash or brush it over a long period of time. So it makes sense that it would have popped up in various places and times.

I like Jeremy more and more. I wasn’t a fan during his linsanity phase as I’m a die hard Dallas fan and he torched us. I’m not going to jump on the bandwagon because he’s Asian with parents from taiwan.

But he’s been truely humble and a class act. And he gets a lot of hate, although he isn’t an all star. He’s a serviceable player that is playing at the highest level and doing it all when no one really gave him much of a chance. Good for him for living his dream, plus he’s a Harvard educated man, I’m sure he’s going to have more than his NBA career when it’s all said and done. Few players can say that they did much outside of basketball.


dreadlocks are fine unless you are one of those trustafarian backpacker types. horrible people!

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this is the type i am talking about. although i’m not sure that this is legit dreadlocks or just the result of not washing and mixed in with pieces of durian like his beard.

But that is the very definition of “legit dreadlocks.” That’s how the Rastafarians get them.