JFRV ARC but no degree, am I breaking the law or is my employer?

  • I am a native English speaker.
  • I have an open work permit, spouse based ARC.
  • I have a college diploma, but no degree, I don’t meet the requirements to teach English here.
  • I am working in a language school teaching English to 8 to 12 year olds.
  • My employer knows that I only have a college diploma.

Am I breaking the law for teaching without a degree or is my boss for hiring me without a degree?

I don’t know the difference between diploma and degree, though is the language school a school that taiwanese teachers need some licence to teach? If not, nobody will be in trouble due to the fact that you teach there.

With your ARC, you can work as taiwanese work.

It is an English only language school for kids, similar to something like Hess.

Don’t want to say the name because I don’t want the school to get in trouble.

The school sounds like a buxiban. To teach at Buxiban, what taiwanese teachers and you need is just a clean criminal record.

I have a clean record.

My boss originally told me that foreigners need a degree to work there legally.

Are you saying that if you have an open work permit, you don’t legally need a degree?

With your ARC, you have a work right, and don’t need any kind of work permit. You can work as taiwanese work.

Foreigners need a degree and right passport with a clean record to get a work permit to teach at buxiban. Taiwanese and you need just a clean record to teach there.

I understand that, but don’t some jobs have additional legal requirements, for example:

To be a doctor I need the correct education and license.

To be a taxi driver I need a taxi license.

Isn’t a degree for teaching just the same as this?

They just hire you as a story telling uncle, no permit, no license needed!


it depends on where you teach. To teach at a language school, you don’t need any license or degree.

I did meet people from France, Germany, Belgium teaching English, they were actually hired to teach their native language, who cares.

If they are spouses of Taiwanese and have ARCs, or have open work permits, there is no legal problem they teach English at buxiban.

A buxiban can have permits to ‘teach’ multiple languages.

How do you graduate college but not have a degree?

You never answered what the hell is the diff between a degree and diploma? Or rather, how do you attain a diploma without getting a degree? Is your diploma blank except for “good effort” scrawled in crayon across it?

It’s not the ARC what enables you to work as an English teacher. It’s the work permit. The OP has an open work permit, so his company doesn’t need to get him a work permit based on the requirements that the OP is worried about. However, there might be jobs that have restrictions, and an open work permit doesn’t deal with those restrictions. Probably a language center doesn’t have to meet any special requirement.

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OP is a spouse of a Taiwanese and has an ARC, so has a work right. OP doesn’t need an open work permit to work.

The special requirement for buxiban teachers is something like having no criminal record.

Often a 2-year degree (junior college) is referred to as a diploma. If the OP didn’t have open work rights through his spouse then he would need a TEFL certificate in addition to his diploma to meet the work permit requirements for a buxiban teacher.

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AFAIK as a JFRV he has an open work permit. If I’m wrong let me know.

I think you are wrong. Foreign spouses of Taiwanese have a work right, when they have ARCs. They can work as taiwanese work, without any kinds of work permits.

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