Joe Biden: U.S. President

Well, no, not necessarily - they toss a hellfire at people they think is a threat, not based on whether they’re members of a group. (And it was a reaper.)

couple things come to mind:
1 - to telegraph that there’s stability in the u.s. gov’t even when the leadership is crazy
2 - to explicitly put out that he wasn’t part of the craziness at the end of the trump admin

Wrong way to do it.

1 - The first part could easily be picked apart by the adversary - what does a “stable government” look like, one that’s engaged in 7 wars? What does crazy leadership look like — mean tweets (Trump) or incoherent mumbling and sniffing (Biden) or sexual acts in the Oval Office (Clinton) or inventing new words and new wars (Bush).

2 - “wasn’t part of it” - then who is he, why is he there? If he’s going behind the president’s back to call a Chinese General of the PLA, without telling the president, telling congress/allowing congress to decide, telling anyone else in the entire US Government, then it sets a horrific precedent — which is exactly why I think this whole thing never happened anyways.

You have to be able to apply it to any situation. What you suggest opens the door to any situation for any president at any moment in time, where we have generals that for decades freely go behind the government’s back and call adversaries ahead of time to let them know there won’t be “surprises”. Which is ridiculous. Only Congress has authority to decide whether or not to go to war with a country - how dumb would it be if while congress was making decisions the General was just calling up the other side.

Anyways, it’s all probably fake news. Probably they lifted it straight out of the recent movie “Arrival” where she speaks to the Chinese General at the end to save the world.

Agreed… Yet I’m at a loss for a better way. :wink:

Ahem. :wink:

I think it’s not unusual for high level counterparts to have off the record conversations with each other, and it’d be logistically difficult for it to always be coordinated with the president (even with one that wasn’t disinterested). That said, in a functional administration, you’d hope that the message is consistent; that’s clearly not the case here.

No one would complain about exchanges with his counterpart. The story, if true, is he told the Chinese, if the US is going to launch some surprise attack, I’ll give you a heads up.

I don’t want to hear what you think about Trump, or what Miley or CNN thought about Trump. Generals have a role and that role doesn’t include giving adversaries “heads ups” when the civilian leadership makes military decisions.

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Generals also have a duty to defend the US against all enemies, foreign and domestic. :wink:

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You have been in the army and know how this works, even lieutenant colonel Vindman get’s it and he’s the twat that went running to Eric Ciaramella (the guy that was negotiating with Ukrainians to drop the Burisma case) who in turn ran to the same insiders who were all involved with FISA abuse and had a known history of trying to destroy the administration.

I wonder why Pelosi and Miley were so freaked out and thought Trump might take military action, they were even discussing nukes, against the Chinese, what had the Chinese done that might prompt Trump to do that? Or at least in their minds might cause Trump to react in such a way? hmmmmm, I think we all know the answer to that.

I have not.

There’s never just one way this works.

Reasonable people can have differences of opinions - I’d argue that the oath that every service members takes REQUIRES them to skirt the chain of command if necessary, but I agree with him that Miley usurped civilian control. Reaching out and letting the Chinese know everything is stable and they wouldn’t be launching unhinged strikes would have been good, beyond that, no good. Concerns outside the chain should have gone to Congress. I agree Miley should resign.

I’m glad we all agree that Trump is an unhinged twatwaffle. :+1:

Your opinion or my opinion is irrelevant. Lose an election and you have someone you might not like in the role as President, that doesn’t mean because he’s not your guy you try to destroy them.

Let’s be honest, thats what Democrats and the establishment tried to do for 4 years. When you lose, you have a President you might not like, but he/she’s still your President.

Go running to adversaries in an attempt to undermine your own President because you don’t like them is treason.

Sorry this needs to be explained.

While I disagree with the reported exchange, if true, it appears that Miley went to the Chinese with his concerns to protect the u.s. from dangers of misinterpretations of intent. That’s a not subtle difference that all but the most bitter of partisans can understand.

Anyway, we can disagree on Miley’s actions, it seems clear to me who is going to be the fall guy for Afghanistan.

The same plonker who was behind the disastrous withdrawal, the same idiot who got Americans killed and the same dickwad who bombed an aid worker and his family. The same twat who is responsible for all US allies wanting nothing to do with the Biden/Harris administration militarily.

Yeah, as much as I dislike General whatshisface, from the direct quotes I’ve read, I’d go with he was doing his job. He sent a message to the Chinese. The interesting part for me is what that message was. Just read that some Chinese bank or mortgage
Company was being allowed to go bankrupt. In China? That’s something.

The NPR piece

If I may go on a bit. This is why I don’t like the npr slant they seem to always take. Idk if it’s simply poor writing or bad editors but the writing for me, is lacking in merit.

Trump nominated Milley to be the Pentagon’s top military officer in late 2018. News of his contacts with foreign military officials sparked a round of questions at Wednesday’s White House press briefing, at which press secretary Jen Psaki noted that President Biden has now worked with Milley “side by side” for nearly eight months.

K, so Trump trusted him.


His experience with him has been that he is a patriot," Psaki said of the president’s relationship with the military leader. “He is somebody who has fidelity to the Constitution,” she said, adding that Biden “has confidence in [Milley’s] leadership and the role he has played in his experience with him.”

So Biden and Trump are being said to agree that whatshiaface is totally and legit professional enough to carry out our sacred constitutional ask. Ok

Seeing Biden as the safe choice echos what the market thought of him. This proves markets were bugged by Trumps economic anti-Gina rhetoric. We’ll see how that bank thing goes.

It’s not his job to be a diplomat, by acting on intelligence that the Chinese were scared the Trump administration might attack them, he exposed that intelligence.

It’s the civilian leaderships job to decide what to do with such intelligence.

Yep, history isn’t going to be kind to w. :wink:

Sheeeeeiiiiiiittttttt, those casualties are itty tiny blips in the number on Americans unnecessarily killed, and the number of civilians killed, over 20 yrs. The withdrawal will be scrutinized, but these two points will be tiny footnotes.

All the allies that have long ago withdrawn… Yea. It’s posturing, and I doubt it’s having any effect whatsoever on anything.

Fuck, you have no idea how any of this works - that’s a big negative, unless he positioned it that way. Shit, for all the Chinese knew, any communications could have been misinformation.

I think that may be part spin there. The US is on talking terms with many not so friendly militaries. It’s not that big a deal. Folks tend to not like accidental totally avoidable war these days.

Now MY grandpa…. :grandpa: :bomb:

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I’ve seen enough movies to know the President is the one doing diplomatic negotiations and when Generals try to insert themselves into the process the movie invariably casts them as idiot big headed egotistical morons who are more likely than not going to fuck up whatever process the President was engaged in.

That sounds like Gen. Miley to me. You go with your interpretation.

I’ll wait until the book comes out at least.

And this

Does not even help your argument even a bit. :whistle:

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Some actions are already on the record, like him walking out to the church side by side with Trump and then seeing the reaction from the woke left comes out and denounces his own actions. What a spineless virtue signalling coward.

I noted Bidens actions sending out orders military personal are not supposed to disparage their commander and chief, I only noted it because they applied it to retired people as well, I don’t think there is anything wrong with telling the military not to disparage their commander and chief, yet if true, he’s on a call with Pelosi agreeing his commander and chief is totally insane.

I thought you would pick up on that, it was thrown out for fun. :grinning:

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I felt that that was him realizing he’s been snookered into a photo op with Fratboy Don. He’d been had and that probably irked him.

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Again, imma wait for the book. That quote is questionable in it’s present presentation.