Joe Biden: U.S. President

More on the ahem progress made in ahem averting the strike.

Not much good news from Biden’s home state either:

Just getting harder and harder to make the vote.

“This ruling upheld the rule of law in Delaware when not long-ago election officials across the country were ignoring the law,” said PILF President J. Christian Adams in a press release. “This law violated the election protections in Delaware’s Constitution. Election officials must follow the law. When laws are followed, even losers of elections can agree with the outcomes. Consent of the governed increases when the election rules are followed.”

Well, yah.

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Well, shouldn’t the FBI be fine with this? It’s right in their wheelhouse. Making shit happen.

Martha’s Vineyard stunts don’t seem to be working.

Biden’s answer to $5 gas is for you to buy a $60,000 vehicle. That alone explains just how out of touch he has become.

Chevy Bolt. $26k, will become reeligible (if you qualify) for the $7500 tax rebate come jan 2023. Probably just about the best practical vehicle for a good number of americans, but don’t nobody not want to drive their $50k+ pick’em’ups while bitching about the cost of electric vehicles. But of course that’s not what that article is really taking issue with. ;D

I just link up what’s out there. Snot like I take the side of every article. Lol

price wise sure, not every ev is a Tesla. However, the battery replacement issue is a problem most people don’t know exists. They think a Tesla battery last forever. Noop

No cars last forever, but a Tesla battery is warranted for longer than most car engines, the batteries show pretty low degradation at 160k, and there are examples of tesla batteries going over 300-400k. People warned of Prius batteries for years before switching to tesla batteries, and those things were also champs. (don’t mention the uncooled nissan leaf batteries though)

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Maybe some of them new IRS folks can start checking out these friendly neighborhood non profits.

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Hunter and Joe Biden crossover. I wanna say this is old news, as I heard this a while ago and was stunned that no one seemed to friggin care enough to even ask a question or two to the big guy. They’re fittin’ to ask up now.

In response, Comer said that “based on the documents provided in this letter, we request all SARs from Biden family transactions, including those involving President Biden, related to transactions with Chinese entities. We are concerned that the President may have compromised national security in his dealings with the country most adverse to U.S. interests—China. These SARs will inform our analysis of this matter.”

Comer said Oversight Republicans have obtained a “presentation” emailed to Hunter Biden’s firm Hudson West III LLC (Hudson West) on December 13, 2017. The document, translated from Mandarin Chinese, is titled, “Overview of the U.S. Natural Gas Industry Chain, and is concerned with selling American natural resources to China.”

Well, that’s something the good people of Scranton should be asked about. I mean, Biden’s got their backs, right?

“Jiaqi Bao, who created the presentation, was previously an employee of the CCP, and worked for Hunter Biden’s corporate entity Hudson West,” the letter states.

Comer provided Yellen with two maps that were part of a presentation emailed to Hunter Biden. The maps include sophisticated analysis written in Chinese, and show the United States carved up based on natural gas reserves “with particular emphasis on Pennsylvania, Louisiana, Texas, Oklahoma, and Wyoming.”

Sophisticated in what way?

The emails that accompany the transmitted maps reveal a plan to sell natural gas reserves to China via the same corporate entity branded on the presentation-Hudson West III LLC (Hudson West)–set up by Hunter Biden with officials from the Chinese company CEFC, at the time, one of the largest oil companies in China,” the letter stated.

Not just the milk, but the whole cow.

But, that’s simply just my regrettable fascist bias presenting as cynicism… :cowboy_hat_face: :man_walking: :salt: :earth_africa:

At least you’re honest with yourself. :raising_hand_man: