Joe Rogan

I switched off after a few minutes, but not cos he seems like a dick. He just rambles too much and doesn’t let Joe shape the conversation into an interesting show.

He has a lot of eye opening stuff to say though. For example if you saw the Documentary Cartel Land about the Auto Defensas who fought the Knights Templar…It turns out the Auto Defenses were funded by the Chinese Government that had illegal mining businesses there and decided to arm the citizens to protect their ore.

I’m sure he does. I just don’t have 3 hours at the moment to wade through it. He needs to learn how to make his points succinctly. Maybe Joe can give him some lessons.

Strange from my POV he goes through more interesting information in a shorter time than most any of Joes Guests.

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I’ll give it another go at lunchtime. Maybe I just need to fast-forward a bit?

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