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Really interesting insight into the Cartel Wars and corruption in Mexico from from Ed Calderon an ex Tijuana Mexican Police turned Security specialist whose seen it all.


I think I skipped that one. I’ll have to go back and listen.


It is a good one.

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One of the best JREs

good talk


Both intelligent and reasonable dudes.

Some on the left dismiss Rogan and some on the right dismiss Pakman, but they do so without fully understanding either one. They both have a variety of positions that shouldn’t be pigeonholed into one strict ideological box. We really need to listen to each other more and stop just shitting on one another as they discuss there.

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He has some great interesting people and interesting talks.

Joe’s on a roll today

He already seems like a dick

Plugging his new books, intended for kids.

Rogan really was impressive, holding his own in this conversation, name dropping and talking about stories that Dawkins didn’t know of.

This felt like a huge podcast full of information that makes the rest of political bickering seem trite.

Of course, when I scrolled online for reactions found that people either thought he was a jerk, a traitor or a fool (because they already knew, of course, everything that Snowden released).

It was impressive, he just stays Rogan whoever he talks to, and it works. It was interesting to hear Rogan talk about his spiritual views a bit, he usually seems a bit reticent, or just isn’t interested in talking about it, but you can’t avoid it when you’re talking to Richard Dawkins :slight_smile: For all his fire-breathing reputation, he’s always a good chat too.

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Did you watch or listen?

First few minutes. I was put off pretty quickly by him somehow. I may come back to it some time

Were you watching or listening though?

I have heard a few people say they really didn’t like Snowden - all appeared to have watched the YouTube stream. I know of only one other person who listened and we didn’t really see it.

Watching and listening :slight_smile: it was definitely his words that were annoying me though

I listened to it, seemed fine to me. Was more interested about his info than his personality. Not like his personality is really extreme or anything, quite tame level headed, logical down to earth dude. What he’s saying about the Deep workings of the US Government at the highest levels is the more important thing regardless of political leanings its important for all Americans to hear. Some might find it too uncomfortable and not want to hear him out.

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I couldn’t watch beyond the cell towers part, sooo boring. The light goes on when a text is sent. The light! It goes on! Ahhhhhh. That’s why we just just sleep in the fridge and the phones are outside locked in the Subaru.

Ed Calderon is back on Joe Rogan to update the situation in Mexico.