John Wick is the greatest action movie hero EVER

So far it’s pretty hilarious. I think Steven Seagal would give them shit about the plot

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Mr . Seagul… everytime I see his name

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The first action scene was shit. Moving on


Gun jesus takes a gander at some gun fu…

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Happy 55th Birthday, Keanu!!! :birthday:

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Is the number 3 movie good ? I quite enjoyed the others . Suitable level of rocket violence . :wink:

The same exponential increase from 2 in adrenally charged magnificence as 2 was from 1.

I have never seen a movie that was more like playing a (really good) video game than this.

Book fu!

Also good old Mark Dacascos has a major part, bless him, which all by itself is reason enough to see it.

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Yes, it’s good. Watch it.

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I’d like to send Wick to Hong Kong. He’d deal mayhem to those mainland bootboys.


I have no memory of writing this post.

This disturbs me somewhat.

Don’t get me wrong it’s a kickass observation.

But still…

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