Johnny Depp vs Amber Heard

It seems Amber heard, Jhonny Depps ex, was the abusive one in the relationship even though she claims he was.

#Believewomen no one will believe a man.


It was bound to happen. The problem stems from the 100% victim vs. 100% abuser shortcut to thinking that has developed in recent years. This belief system is going to continue to damage the Metoo movement. Similar to Asia Argento. Zero nuance.

I notice that the completely unproven rumours of Kirk Douglas raping Natalie Wood are running wild online and being taken by many as fact. Nothing changes.


“Tell the world Johnny, tell them: ‘I Johnny Depp, a man, I’m a victim too of domestic violence’… and see how many people believe or side with you.”


To be fair she was right.


Someone isn’t getting a call back for the Aquaman sequel.

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I don’t know what the motion of my actual hand was

I hate when that happens.


Hopefully Johnny Depp can get some more movie roles. I think Disney passed on him and he hasn’t been able to get any roles since he was accused. Not that I particularly like his acting, but that’s his career and how he eats.

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he didn’t have his head screwed on from the beginning with this one.

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Young, beautiful, great body, bisexual. I can understand what led him to ignore the possibility of her being batshit.

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and he is also old and past it, the guy used to be cool but he lost the plot a while back.

Getting old and passing it does tend to do this to a guy. It’s very easy to become irrational if someone young and attractive shows interest.

As far as I can tell her biggest movie prior to meeting him was the one she met him on. Then her movies became much bigger after she accused him of violence.

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According to blind items he’s been high out of his mind on set since like forever ago. He does a shit ton of drugs.

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This* is true, but Disney took him on for major roles in the past when he was high on set.

EDIT: * almost certainly

Can’t believe he left Vanessa Paradis and their kids for this POS.

I believe it. I hope he can get that part of his life straighten out as well. It’s not going to end well. He is also really bad with money, he needs to sort that out as well.

Is the Daily Mail reliable news? Or a mix of gossip and news?

Which news sources would you recommend?

I agree that the Mail is particularly poor.

The audio is reliable, yes?

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So so. Got to check their source. Most of them time they get it from another news source. But in this case, there’s an audio for you to hear. I would link them normally.

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I suppose there’s a possibility that the audio might have been faked, but it’s pretty unlikely.

Okay…I’ll check the audio. But thanks for weighing in.