Judo coach puts a child in coma

Has anyone seen this news? It was around in Chinese news outlets last week. It has now made it to BBC.

I’ve watched the video where it all happened.
It seem the coach is still a free man. The only thing happening is an investigation.

I’ve seen coaches abuse their power with kids here. I can’t say more for privacy. But the power and ‘discipline’ game in many martial arts/sports here is out of this world. Luckily the number of coaches changing their tactics is growing and I see many of them doing a great job. However the majority still is overly tough and dangerous, to say the least. This is not a problem limited to Taiwan, but because of the power distance here I’ve seen parents witnessing what I would call cruelty to their kids and not saying a word or even thinking this is good to get their kids in line.

Here is the article:

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Has anyone not seen it?

From the article:

“ The district prosecutor initially released him following questioning, accepting his explanation that what had happened to Wei Wei was part of “normal training”.

But after the child’s family held a news conference, the court said there was evidence to suspect the coach might have committed a serious crime and there was a risk of collusion with witnesses, so it granted a prosecution request to place him in incommunicado detention - where an individual is denied contact with anyone except his lawyer.”

I wonder what would have happened if the parents haven’t had held a news conference. It goes to show if they can shut you up they will. Nothing to see here. A lot to do with face. As long as there is no ‘losing face’ for the authorities they will continue to abuse the system and victims, be them in any area.


Really sad story.

Yup…Lets take the word of the trainer who put a boy in a coma over video evidence… chabuduo la… now when’s tea time?
Oh crap the media is involved… better do something quick

I really hope that poor boy recovers


Still in denial of what he did to that kid.

I did Judo for many years. It takes a while to learn how to fall properly. Children are not to be thrown violently.

I had to eventually stop because I started to get back issues. But I was also competing on national level in Germany. The opponents get very strong and injury is just a matter of time.


Penalty for assault is up to 3 years…

This is hardly punishment enough.

Problem is in Taiwan the penal code only has assault which covers everything from bar fights to beating someone to within an inch of his life, with permanent disability, etc…

Then there is attempted murder which requires prosecutors to prove there is an intent to murder someone, and carries accordingly higher penalty. There is nothing in between such as “simple assault” (which is a simple misdemeanor) or “aggravated assault”, “assault with a deadly weapon”, etc.

Means you get up to 3 years whether you shot someone in the leg, or stabbed someone with a knife, or shot someone and it resulted in permanent paralysis. Though in latter case you could argue this is attempted murder…


Not denial - he’s trying to get out of it. I’m sure I read his initial story to police was that the student “fell over”.

This sounds like negligent homicide.

Negligent homicide is the killing of another person through gross negligence or without malice.


Can’t be…
Gross negligence? Nope. There was nothing remotely careless about throwing a kid 27(?) times…. It was done with intention.

Without malice? Nope. No one who is without malice would throw someone 27(?) times…. It was done because of his inability to control his anger.


In Germany we would have a murder case

Mord, § 211, “murder”, is used only if the case is especially severe, and is punished with life imprisonment

…whoever kills a human being out of murderous intent, to satisfy sexual desires, out of greed or otherwise base motives, insidiously or cruelly, or with means dangerous to the public, or in order to commit or cover up another crime…"

I’m not sure about taiwan but I heard somewhere that the law here is based on german law. Maybe there’s a similar rule that applies here?

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murder would be if the person is dead. I’m not sure if vegetative state counts.

Plus murder in Germany gets you like 10 years…

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25 years. 10 years is the earliest possible time you can get out on parole if several different psychiatrists and wardens see you fit for that.
If the judge sees the condition of particular severity of guilt met, then parole is completely off the table. If there’s reason to believe that this person is still dangerous to the public, they can spend the rest of their lives in preventive detention.

10 years is also the “normal” punishment for involuntary manslaughter. Many get that confused.

Unfortunately the boy passed away today:

so Sad. Shocking how going to that class changed his and his family’s life forever.

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RIP little angel.

I hope Taiwan brings justice to this case.

The kid in the judo class that was repeatedly thrown to the ground has passed away.

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Rest in peace.



A seven-year-old boy who was repeatedly thrown by his judo coach and an older classmate until he was unconscious, has died after spending 70 days in a coma in a hospital in Taichung City.

That’s very sad. :cry:

According to statements by the boy’s father and uncle, Ho has not apologized to the family for his actions. “My brother has been waiting for an apology,” Huang’s uncle said today.

This makes it even sadder. :cold_sweat:

Life imprisonment sounds about right.


The saddest part of this story is under level 3 no funerals.

The saddest part of this story is that this kid is dead.